Choosing Different Types of Sunglasses
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Choosing Different Types of Sunglasses

Narrow down your choices for a new pair of shades by determining which of the different types of sunglasses will fit your needs. What will you primarily be using your sunglasses for?

Everyday Sunglasses

These are perfect for wearing around town, whether you’re running errands or soaking in the sun on a brewery patio. Everyday sunglasses protect your eyes while looking great, but they aren’t designed for strenuous activity.

choosing the right sunglasses lenses - dipsea

The Dipsea is one of our favorite Lifestyle Sunglasses silhouettes. 

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Sport Sunglasses

These glasses are made to stand up to whatever happens when you’re pushing hard outside – biking, hiking, climbing, or your favorite mode of adventure! These types of sunglasses usually feature lightweight frames designed to stay in place, even if you get sweaty. Sport sunglasses also should have flexible frames to fit so comfortably that you’ll practically forget you’re wearing them.

choosing glasses lenses - velo

With it's warp around silhouette, center vent to reduce fogging and nose pads, the Velo is a go-to choice when selecting a pair of Sports sunglasses.

types of sunglasses - velo product

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Glacier Glasses

If you’re hitting the slopes or attempting an alpine objective, you’re gonna want glacier glasses. The higher you climb, the more intense the sunlight, plus, light reflected off snow is for real, so you need extra eye protection in mountain environments. Glacier glasses feature lenses with a wide range of VLT (visual light transmission) as well as side sun shields (link) to prevent light from leaking in and decrease fogging.

choosing sunglasses lenses - tera

With a silhouette similar to the bestselling Dipsea, the Tera and their partner in crime, their side shields, are the perfect duo for hitting the slopes or getting out on the water. 

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Premium Sunglasses

Looking to elevate your look? Metal frames featuring custom engravings reflect the attention to detail put into each pair of our shades. Our Premium Sunglasses maintain the Sunski values and vibes with quality craftsmanship. From living a life of endless adventure to the beach to a day out with friends, these shades pay homage to some of the most classic premium sunglass silhouettes.

 types of sunglasses baia

The classic retro round metal frame of the Baia has made it a top seller in the Premium Collection

types of sunglasses - baia product

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Now that you have all you need to choose between different types of sunglasses, it’s time to decide on what style and lens you prefer. Check out our sunglass shape guide or sunglass lens guide for more info!

choosing sunglasses lenses - polarized

All of Sunski's sunglasses feature polarized lenses with 100% UVA/B protection!