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Choosing Different Types of Sunglasses
Sunglasses Guide

Choosing Different Types of Sunglasses

On the hunt for a new pair of shades, but overwhelmed by all the styles of frames? Unsure of what the subtle differences are between types of sunglasses? From cat eyes to aviators, we’ve got you covered with every option under the sun.

With this deep dive into types of sunglasses, you’ll walk away with a new insight into how sunglasses can support your own unique sense of adventure!

Types and Shapes of Sunglasses

All sunglasses shapes have their own personality, so no matter your own style, you can find a pair of shades you jive with. We'll give you the lowdown on Aviator, Round, Square, and Cat-eye Sunglasses all the way down to Everyday, Sport, and Premium Sunglasses. Figure out which types of sunglasses suit you and your needs so you can head outside and hit the trail!

Aviator Sunglasses

If we’re going to talk about sunglasses shapes, we have to start with aviators. Perhaps the most popular style now, aviator sunglasses were originally designed for pilots. Their teardrop shape helped pilots fly without being totally blinded by the sun.

sunglasses shapes - aviator lifestyle

Wave hello to the Astra, the premium style frame in our Aviator Collection.

Fear not: aviators aren’t just for pilots. Since they were designed for prime sun protection, they’re a great, stylish lens for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re sporting a t-shirt and jeans or hopping on your bike for a ride after work, aviators give you a subtle hotshot vibe!


sunglasses shape - aviator product


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Round Sunglasses

At Sunski, it’s hard to go into sunglasses shape without mentioning round specs. A few of our bestselling styles are round shades! Round sunglasses are great for everyday wear, and you can match them with any activity.

sunglasses shapes - dipsea lifestyle

The Dipsea is a Sunski classic pair of Round Frame Sunglasses.


sunglasses shapes - dipsea product

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They’re sturdy for hikes and camping, but lightweight for travel and backpacking. Dress them up for formal events or sport them at the beach for your day in the sand, and they’ll be right at home. From sun up to sun down, there’s always a time for round sunglasses.

Minimalist, approachable, versatile. Whether you’re wanting to look cute or laid back on your next adventure, our round shades have you covered. You really can’t go wrong with this style.

 sunglasses shapes - baia lifestyle

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Square Sunglasses

Square-shaped frames are a surefire way to make a bold statement, no matter your gender.

sunglasses shapes - square lifestyle

Sunski Square Sunglasses are an all for one, one for all type of sunglass shape.

Due to their sharp corners, square shades provide a lot of contrast to your appearance, as well as great coverage from the sun. Whether you’re camping, biking, or hitting the brewery, these shades pair well with a baseball cap for added style and bonus sun protection.

sunglasses shapes - square products

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Oversized square shades can also provide a bit of a feminine, stylish edge, if that’s what you’re looking for. The extra-large, sharp frames offer a bit of mystery. Plus, oversized sunglasses are in style! You’ll be trendy and alluring next time you lounge at the park with your dog.

sunglasses shapes - camina

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Cat-eye Sunglasses

You don’t need to sacrifice your personal style on a full day of tiring travel. Swept up from the corner of the eye, cat-eye sunglasses offer a simple but dramatic look and can up-style any outfit. They were first popularized in the 1950s: think Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Classic Hollywood!

sunglasses shapes - makani lifestyle

The Makani rocks a slight cat-eye that makes in a favorite pair of retro shades.

Cat-eye sunglasses are a fashion staple through and through, and with Sunski, looking trendy doesn’t come at the cost of the environment.

sunglasses shapes - cateye product

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Retro in vibe, chic to a tee. From brunch to yoga, cat-eyes will have you looking glam from one activity to the next. With their youthful feel, it’s no wonder these shades have stayed in style all these years.

Everyday Sunglasses

These are perfect for wearing around town, whether you’re running errands or soaking in the sun on a brewery patio. Everyday sunglasses protect your eyes while looking great, but they aren’t designed for strenuous activity.

choosing the right sunglasses lenses - dipsea

The Dipsea is one of our favorite Lifestyle Sunglasses silhouettes. 

types of sunglasses dipsea product

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Sport Sunglasses

These glasses are made to stand up to whatever happens when you’re pushing hard outside – biking, hiking, climbing, or your favorite mode of adventure! These types of sunglasses usually feature lightweight frames designed to stay in place, even if you get sweaty. Sport sunglasses also should have flexible frames to fit so comfortably that you’ll practically forget you’re wearing them.

choosing glasses lenses - velo

With it's warp around silhouette, center vent to reduce fogging and nose pads, the Velo is a go-to choice when selecting a pair of Sport sunglasses.

types of sunglasses - velo product

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Glacier Sunglasses

If you’re hitting the slopes or attempting an alpine objective, you’re gonna want glacier glasses. The higher you climb, the more intense the sunlight, plus, light reflected off snow is for real, so you need extra eye protection in mountain environments. Glacier glasses feature lenses with a wide range of VLT (visual light transmission) as well as side sun shields (link) to prevent light from leaking in and decrease fogging.

choosing sunglasses lenses - tera

With a silhouette similar to the bestselling Dipsea, the Tera and their partner in crime, their side shields, are the perfect duo for hitting the slopes or getting out on the water. 

types of sunglasses - tera product

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Premium Sunglasses

Looking to elevate your look? Metal frames featuring custom engravings reflect the attention to detail put into each pair of our shades. Our Premium Sunglasses maintain the Sunski values and vibes with quality craftsmanship. From living a life of endless adventure to the beach to a day out with friends, these shades pay homage to some of the most classic premium sunglass silhouettes.

 types of sunglasses baia

The classic retro round metal frame of the Baia has made it a top seller in the Premium Collection

types of sunglasses - baia product

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Types of Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes

When picking out the perfect pair of sunglasses, style isn't the only thing to consider. Your face shape will also impact the way a pair of sunglasses fits and flatters you: a worthy factor to consider if you want your shades to stay secure during your sunny adventures. And you deserve variety, so whatever your face shape is, Sunski has several styles, colors, and finishes for you to choose from.

Since we already have a blog with details on which sunglasses are best for your face shape, we'll just give you a brief, general overview.

how to chose your sunglasses based off your face shape

The perfect adventure buddy? Sunglasses that fit your face just right!

Sunglasses for Bigger Heads

If you have a larger noggin, you know the struggle of sunglasses that are too tight. Part of the allure of nature is the ability to destress and bask in the good vibes, so the last he last thing you want is a splitting headache! You may need a wider frame that accommodates your wider face shape. In our collection, we have plenty of circular and square sunglasses for big heads. Find comfort and style with these frames that are built to withstand adventure!

Sunglasses for Smaller Faces

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have a smaller head, the wide frames aren't going to work on you. Let's face it, as much as we love the oversized sunglasses trend, it can swallow up a tiny face! And you don't want to be wearing overly loose sunglasses during your weekend climbing trip. Check out our tailored collection of sunglasses for small faces and find which Sunskis we'd recommend to you.

Woman on a sunny beach in a white hat touching her sunglasses

The Dipsea is a bestselling style for a reason: it works with all face shapes and sizes (and looks good doing it)

Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

When you look in the mirror, is your forehead a bit wider than your chin? If so, you likely have a heart-shaped face, and your ideal sunglasses shape is something wide and rectangular or aviator in style. That said, you also can't go wrong with something oversized, as it can complement your forehead shape. We cultivated all sorts of prime Sunskis in our collection for heart-shaped faces that will keep you rocking your sunny expeditions!

Sunglasses for Oval Faces

If your face is longer than it is wide, almost like an almond or an avocado, then you probably have an oval-shaped face. To contrast the curves, you may consider square lenses. But given the symmetry of an oval face, round lenses also work well. Check out our sunglasses recs for oval faces and find a pair that speaks to you!

Sunglasses for Round Faces

To balance out the circular shape of a round face, sharper frames can be highly complementary. Think square and rectangular shapes and bold colors and textures, a killer combo for added dimension! In the Sunski collection of sunglasses for round faces, you'll find plenty of stylish shades that are adventure-ready.

What next?

You're closing in on your perfect pair of shades! Now that you have all you need to choose between different shapes and types of sunglasses, it’s time to decide a lens color. Check out our ultimate guide to lens color for the scoop! Fear not, all sunglasses at Sunski are made sustainability, so you can adventure in sunnies that love the planet like you do.

choosing sunglasses lenses - polarized

All of Sunski's sunglasses feature polarized lenses with 100% UVA/B protection!


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