Sunglasses for Oval Faces

 - Sunglasses for Oval Faces

How do I know if I have an oval face? 


To give an outdoorsy comparison, an oval face might look like a perfect avocado with the smaller end pointing down. The length of an oval face is around 1.5 times bigger than the width. The cheekbones are probably the widest section, but the forehead is still slightly wider than the chin. If that avocado-comparison helped you discover you have an oval face, you’re in great company. Some celebrities with oval faces include Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Adam Levine. An oval face is super proportionate and balanced, which means it’s the most versatile when it comes to sunglasses! The list above makes it even easier to find the perfect sunglasses for oval faces like yours. 


How to choose the right sunglasses for oval faces 

To counterbalance your oval face’s rounded features, try some of our square or rectangular frames. We love our bestselling Wayfarer sunglasses, the Madrona or Headland. Or if you’re as adventurous as we know you are, try the more geometric Foothills on for size. 

Oval faces also look amazing in aviators: our polarized Berninas have the perfect angularity to contrast your oval face’s rounded edges. 

Many of our rounded frames, like the Seacliff, will work great too, because honestly, the symmetry of your features allows for a lot of versatility when it comes to choosing sunglasses for oval faces. Check out Rihanna’s looks for inspo--she rocks everything from round shades, to cat eye, to triangular sunglasses.  


It’s hard to go wrong with Sunski’s durable, stylish sunglasses for oval faces, so order a few pairs and switch it up! How about a different pair for every outdoor sport you do? They’ll ship free, and they’ll protect more than just your eyes. For every order, we donate 1% of our profits to environmental nonprofits taking action against climate change like Sunrise Movement, Save the Waves and Adventure Scientists. 

Are there any styles to avoid when choosing sunglasses for oval faces? 

Sunski styles are all built to look good on a variety of faces, but be careful with oversized sunglasses: they might overwhelm proportional oval face features. Avoid super narrow frames, too, as these can elongate your oval face as opposed to enhancing that beautiful balanced bone structure!

How can I know if my Sunski sunglasses will match my oval face if I’m ordering online? 

You can use our handy-dandy virtual try-on tool. The tool will capture an image of your oval face (even if it has some bike grease still on it from a recent adventure) and you can see how your new Sunskis will look. And don’t fret if your Sunskis don’t fit exactly as you dreamed--we have a great exchange policy. It’s worth checking out just to hear our “Return Song” by Sunski’s very own backyard quintet. 


What are some key features of Sunskis sunglasses for oval faces?


Durability: At Sunski, our sunglasses for oval faces are built for the long haul, and never end up in a landfill. Once you find that perfect pair, you can keep them forever through our lifetime warranty. If they break (which we don’t think will happen) when you crash your mountain bike or roll over them in your sleeping bag (which we hope won’t happen!), Sunski will repair or replace them for you. 


Polarized Lenses: Everyone with oval faces has eyeballs they need to protect. And last I heard, Sunski wearers love to get outside in the sun, snow, and surf. That’s where Sunski’s polarized lenses come in--they filter out glare and reflections so you don’t have to squint when you’re trying to focus on staying upright on your nordic skis. 

Visible Light Transmission (VLT): The lower the VLT, the less light gets through a lens, and the more protected your eyes are. Sunski shades come with a low VLT-between 9-15%--which means that your eyes will stay protected even in super bright conditions, like looking at a sunny snow field. 


Superlight Frames: Sunski glasses will hold strong when you’re going full send, but they’re always soft to the touch and light on your face (which comes in handy when you’re sweating on your climb up to the summit.) All of our sunglasses for oval faces are made from 100% recycled plastic, too. 

Sunski sunglasses for oval faces (and all faces) are meant for adventure! 

Odds are, your oval shaped face will look amazing in any of our sunglasses, and what really matters is that you like how you look. If you find a pair that makes you want to cheese in the mirror with them on, disregard all the style rules and go adventure! 
If you want to get even more specific and match your sunglasses to your head size, check out our pages on Sunglasses for large, medium, and small heads. If you think your face might be square, round, heart-shaped, or diamond shaped, we’ve got collections for you, too.