Polarized sunglasses that feel as great as they look

Your sunglasses should be the most fun thing you own. They're how you see the world and how the world sees you. You deserve great sunglasses that make it fun to be outside, and we make the best. Sunski didn't start in a board room with a tiny business plan. Instead, we followed our hearts and fell in love with sunglasses.

Designed to look great
We take no shortcuts with our 100% original styles and colorways that we design from scratch at our studio in San Francisco.

2. FIT
Frames that fit perfectly
The way shades fit is just as important as how they look. Our Sunski frames are flexible and light so they fit snugly and comfortably all day, without squeezing or pinching.

Quality at a fair price
You get what you pay for with cheap sunglasses, which is not much. And luxury designer shades are a straight-up rip-off. We offer a quality alternative to both at a fair price.

Style that performs
Stylish sunglasses don't perform, and performance sunglasses make you look like a dork. Our shades give you the best of both so you can look good and feel good all day.

Good for you and the planet
We invented a way to turn scrap plastic into recycled frames. Instead of going to a landfill, our SuperLight recycled resin gets a new life of your adventures.

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