Black Sunglasses

 - Black Sunglasses
Sunski Dipsea Dusk Bronze Sunski Dipsea Champagne Brown Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Amber Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Emerald Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Ocean Sunski Dipsea Black Slate Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Aqua Sunski Dipsea Frosted Sky
Sunski Headland Grey Black Sunski Headland Twilight Velvet Sunski Headland Snow Sepia Sunski Headland Black Forest Sunski Headland Clear Forest Sunski Headland Grey Blue
Sunski Treeline Tortoise Forest Sunski Treeline Navy Silver Sunski Treeline Black Slate Sunski Treeline Cola Amber
Sunski Avila Tortoise Amber Sunski Avila Black Slate Sunski Avila Sienna Rose Sunski Avila Clear Tortoise Fade Sunski Avila Olive Forest
Sunski Seacliff Black Slate Sunski Seacliff Tortoise Forest
Sunski Camina Black Slate Sunski Camina Blush Terra Fade Sunski Camina Tortoise Amber Sunski Camina Cola Amber
Sunski Bernina Black Slate Sunski Bernina Caramel Forest
Sunski Foxtrot Caramel Midnight Sunski Foxtrot Black Bronze Sunski Foxtrot Black Forest Sunski Foxtrot Clay Amber
Sunski Puerto Navy Slate Sunski Puerto Sienna Ruby Sunski Puerto Black Forest
Sunski Ventana Black Forest Sunski Ventana Caramel Amber Sunski Ventana Champagne Amber
Sunski Kiva Cola Amber Sunski Kiva Black Midnight
Sunski Astra Tortoise Amber Sunski Astra Black Forest
Sunski Couloir Black Forest Sunski Couloir Matte Mist Amber

Why black sunglasses?

When you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses, you may sometimes find yourself in a Goldilocks predicament; this one’s too bland, that one’s too loud. That’s where black sunglasses fit right in.


Sometimes, less says more. If you want to go all out with a pair of sparkly frames and colorful lenses, by all means do so. But there is just  something about a clean pair of black shades that pairs well with any outfit on every occasion. If you talk with an artist, they may tell you that black is technically the absence of color. Ask a scientist about black on the color spectrum, and they’ll tell you how black objects absorb all wavelengths of light, and reflect none in return. A designer will tell you that good design is non-intrusive, meaning you hardly know it’s there. Perhaps that’s why black shades have stood the test of time.


A timeless classic: black sunglasses

Black sunglasses are a tried and true original. Because of their inclusivity and timeless feel, black sunglasses have made their mark on popular culture, from musicians to movie stars to politicians. Take Bob Dylan for example, who’s longevity in folk, gospel, rock and blues music is well documented. Chances are, when you picture Bob Dylan, you see him rocking his ubiquitous black shades. In the studio recording an album. On stage in front of thousands. Even when he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama, Dylan wore black aviators. You can get your polarized aviator sunglasses here, medal not included. 

Black sunglasses for men


There’s a reason the fashion design in the classic mid-nineties flick “Men in Black” works so well; dark suits and black sunglasses were meant to go together. While you’re (probably) not doing anything as crazy as arresting aliens for a covert government agency, it pays to have a sporty fit you can rely on for any situation. For a covert oversized sunglasses look, we recommend the Taraval, which has a large wrap that’ll stay snug. For more sport options, check out our collection of polarized sport sunglasses. 

Searching for more of a tried-and-true original? Look no further than the Headland, a classic shape from our polarized wayfarer sunglasses collection. The Headland is low-key, stylish and cool. Check, check and check.  


Black sunglasses for women

You know that cliché saying, “[Insert color] is the new black”? It stays around because the color black is timeless. Nearly all of our women’s sunglasses are available in black, which is great because black sunglasses can match with a whole range of personalities. Black sunglasses can provide a clear-cut, no nonsense vibe, from an agent in your favorite spy-movie to a runway model.

Want to rock a throwback look? Look no further than our retro sunglasses collection. If you’re going out on a sunny day, grab the Camina, available in Black Slate, which offers an oversize frame to protect your eyes while still looking stylish. Or if you’re in need of some effortless style that can be dressed up or down, grab the Avila, our classic lightweight half-frame. 

Whatever the day brings, you really can’t go wrong with black sunglasses. From a solo hike to beach day with friends or a weekend getaway, just remember: black sunglasses will never go out of style.