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Sunglasses for High Elevation: The Alpine Collection
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Sunglasses for High Elevation: The Alpine Collection

If you’re venturing above treeline, then odds are you’re exposing yourself to extra sun. When the ground is covered in snow, it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy--you’ll be feeling the sun’s reflection from all angles. As you traverse on your Nordic skis or hike up to the crest of epic bowl, you want to keep your eyes protected and ready to bask in the view.

At Sunski, we love to chase the fresh pow, and along the way, we discovered a need for better alpine sunglasses. The intense, wraparound sunglasses with the action figure feel just don’t fit with our idea of a style on the mountain. Sturdy sunglasses with full coverage and a cool design are a must for your full-send winter. For the best sunglasses on the planet, look no further than the Sunski Alpine Collection.

Three alpine sunglasses sticking straight out of the snow

An all-star lineup of alpine sunnies: the Couloir, the Tera, and the Treeline

Features of the Best Alpine Sunglasses

Well, what makes alpine sunglasses different from normal sunnies? And why are they a must-have in mountainous terrain?

When you’re trekking amongst snow, your eyes can take a serious beating. Between the blinding glare, UV exposure, and rough terrain, this isn’t your ordinary walk in the woods. You need sunglasses that take all of the variables into account (without skimping on style, of course).

Woman and man trekking through a snowy terrain on a sunny day

Variety of Style and Color

The Alpine Collection has three silhouettes to choose from, and each has multiple colors. All of them are polarized, to help reduce glare and improve your depth perception against uneven ground. With plenty of options, you’re bound to find something that suits your own sense of outdoor style. You deserve to feel like yourself when you hit the mountain!

As the first style in the Alpine Collection, the Treeline made waves right out the gate. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Treeline is touted for its functionality and one-of-a-kind design. Sportier than the other alpine sunglasses, the Treeline is still just as home on snowshoes as it is at the brewery. This silhouette is available in four colors, including Tortoise Forest, Cola Amber, Navy Silver, and an always classic Black Slate.

Man and woman among the trees with ice climbing gear

To expand the collection, we added the Couloir. A large rectangular frame, the Couloir pairs optimal sun protection while staying in style with its oversized lenses. The Couloir’s two colors, Black Forest and Matte Mist Amber, provide an option between light and dark lenses.

The newest member of the Alpine Collection is the Tera. As the alpine cousin of the best-selling Dipsea, the Tera became an instant icon. Vintage in style, the round frames bring a little extra chill to a day on the mountain.

Alpine sunglasses against a snowy mountainous view

Retro-inspired Teras are a timeless look for high elevation adventures

Detachable Side Shields

What makes the Sunski Alpine Collection ultra rad? Detachable side shields for extra protection. The nifty magnetic side shields are easy-to-attach and provide a more subtle wraparound coverage than boxy ones. Plus, our side shields are perforated, so you won’t fog up your lenses (been there, so over that).

We’re all about soaking in the views of nature, so coverage and clarity are important to us. The side shields offer your eyes a complete 360 coverage from the sun. No more glare intruding from below, the periphery, above, or anywhere else. Without the reflection impeding your line of sight, you’ll catch every bit of the snowy vantage! More basking, less blinding.

Detachable side shields on a pair of sunglasses

Breathable side shields that add bonus protection and snap right on? A must for intense sun exposure

Side shields magnify your outdoor escapades, but you of course don’t want them all the time. Luckily, it’s no sweat to remove them. You can quickly transition from black diamond go-getter to laid-back brewery mode with a simple detachment of magnets.

Durable, Lightweight Lenses

An important part of the adventure sunglasses equation is the sturdiness. But in creating stability, we didn’t want to sacrifice comfort with a heavy material. Without pressure on your nose or your ears, you can spend a headache-free day summiting peaks.

So, all the Sunski alpine sunglasses have high-quality polycarbonate (PC) lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, have superior optics, and since they are stronger than plastic, they are able to withstand more impact. Ideal for any outdoor crusade!

Man and woman all smiles on a ski lift

Hit the lifts without a worry! Your alpine sunnies will keep those runs crystal clear

Don’t believe us? We take our commitment to durable, reliable sunglasses pretty seriously. All of our sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty, so you can live your outside life to the max without stressing about the fate of your sunglasses.

Adventure in style and top-tier protection with Sunski’s alpine sunglasses. If you’re craving some travel with your next snowy escapade, check out our recommendations for best ski resorts for après skiing.

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