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Replacement lenses for scratched up shades
Scratched lenses?  Find your style and color, order a lens kit and replace them at home.
Scratched lenses?  Find your style and color, order a lens kit and replace them at home.
Andiamo Lens Kit  $18
Anza Lens Kit  $18
Astra Lens Kit  $18
Avila Blue Light Lens Kit  $18
Avila Lens Kit  $18
Baia Lens Kit  $18
Bernina Lens Kit  $18
Cambria Lens Kit  $18
Camina Lens Kit  $18
Classic Blue Light Lens Kit  $18
Classic Kit II  $18
Classic Kit III  $18
Classic Lens Kit  $18
Couloir Lens Kit  $18
Dipsea Blue Light Lens Kit  $18
Dipsea Lens Kit  $18
Estero Lens Kit  $18
Foothill Lens Kit  $18
Foxtrot Lens Kit  $18
Gondola Lens Kit  $18
Kiva Lens Kit  $18
Makani Blue Light Lens Kit  $18
Makani Lens Kit  $18
Manresa Lens Kit  $18
Mattina Lens Kit  $18
Miho Lens Kit  $18
Mini Blue Light Lens Kit  $18
Mini Dipsea Lens Kit  $18
Mini Headlands Lens Kit  $18
Mini Madrona Lens Kit  $18
Moraga Lens Kit  $18
Navarro Lens Kit  $18
Olema Lens Kit  $18
Portola Lens Kit  $18
Puerto Lens Kit  $18
Seacliff Lens Kit  $18
Shoreline Lens Kit  $18
Singlefin Lens Kit  $18
Taraval Lens Kit  $18
Tera Lens Kit  $18
Topeka Lens Kit  $18
Treeline Lens Kit  $18
Vacanza Lens Kit  $18
Vallarta Lens Kit  $18
Velo Lens Kit  $18
Ventana Lens Kit  $18
Volante Lens Kit  $18
Yuba Blue Light Lens Kit  $18
Yuba Lens Kit  $18

Replacement Sunglass Lenses Kits: Better for You and the Environment

If you’re like us, you don’t dig the throwaway culture that’s been on the rise lately. At Sunski, we believe in making quality products that are built to withstand your adventures, whether that’s a daily fetch session with your four-legged friend, or breaking a sweat in pursuit of a summit.

That’s why all of our shades come with a lifetime warranty, and replacement sunglass lenses. So if your lenses get scratched in the line of duty, we make it easy and affordable to replace them. No sense in binning perfectly good sunnies!

If your frames are in good shape but your lenses have seen better days, we’ve got your back with our replacement sunglass lenses. Stop squinting around the scratches or biking with blurred vision. You can easily replace your lenses by grabbing a lens kit for just $18.

Our recycled plastic frames are durable, lightweight and comfortable, but they aren’t indestructible (we know of some mischievous puppies who have put them to the test).

As tragic as it is to back over your Sunskis with your car or melt them in a fire pit (true stories), dumb stuff unfortunately doesn’t qualify for free sunglass lens replacements. But it is a good excuse to grab a new pair? If you’re unsure whether your sunglasses qualify for our forever warranty, get the facts on our lifetime warranty page.

Need more info about replacement sunglass lenses? Read on.

When to Replace Your Lenses

Our lenses are tough, but if you’ve been taking the mantra “work hard, play hard” seriously, then it’s possible you pushed them to the limit. If so, we’re proud of you. That’s impressive.

When you’re flying down the slopes or catching some air on your mountain bike, scratched lenses are more than just an inconvenience, they’re a little hazardous. Luckily, it’s an easy fix! Just grab some new lenses, pop them in, and be on your way.

And if you’re worried your frames could be discontinued (it doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we have to make way for the new), or you just know you’re hard on sunglasses, fear not. There’s no need to give up your favorite sunnies when a handy dandy set of replacement sunglass lenses can save the day.

We get it, choosing a lens color can be tough. Cool blue or classic grey? Something subtle, or something that’ll turn heads? Gab a lens kit in a different color and you can have the best of both worlds. The Madronas, Originals, and Headlands are the only frames that have interchangeable lenses, which means even more color choices!

How to Replace Your Lenses

Just find your frame style, choose your desired lens color, and place your order. We’ll get the new lenses shipped out to you ASAP with instructions on how to put them in.

Voila! Sunnies that are as good as new. Saved from the landfill, and back to protecting your peepers. If that doesn’t make you feel good, then you’re probably overdue for an adventure!

More questions about the Lens Kits? Our FAQs have all the information you need; whether you need help finding the lens kit that will fit your frames or have questions about stock, it’s all there.