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Running Sunglasses
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The Perfect Union of Fashion and Fit

Have you ever on a nice sunset run along the beach when you’re suddenly blinded by sun rays reflecting off the water? A run with too much sun can get in the way of the fun. That’s where Sunski comes in. Our polarized, lightweight running sunglasses will stay solidly on your face for the uphill grind on your trail run and for the downhill sprint of your 10k.

Whether you’re a casual jogger or an ultramarathoner, you need sports sunglasses that are long lasting, light blocking and lightweight. Our running sunglasses aren’t just along for the journey: they make the journey more enjoyable.

Stay Light on Your Feet with Sunski’s Lightweight Design

When you’ve reached that feeling of flow halfway through your marathon, the last thing you want is to be thinking about what’s on your face. We can’t promise our running sunglasses will literally make you faster, but they will definitely make you feel faster. They’re made of recycled plastic and have a flexible, SuperLight design--so light that you won’t even know they’re there. The only thing weighing you down will be gravity.

Built to Withstand Tough Conditions...Just Like You

Nothing tests the human body’s endurance like a long distance run. The same goes for a pair of sunglasses, and our SuperLight frames stay sturdy throughout every challenge they face. They keep more than just the sun out of your eyes. From blowing sand, buzzing gnats, and falling hailstones, Sunski running sunglasses are built to survive. In the unlikely event that a stray pebble scratches the lens, we offer replacement lenses. For any more powerful natural disaster, our running sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty.

There’s actually an environmental reason for our solid design. At Sunski, we believe that good design and sustainability go hand in hand. If you love your running sunglasses’ fit and function, you won’t need new ones.

Crystal Clear Lines of Sight

If you’ve ever been trail running, you know that seeing clearly is pretty important to running quickly. You need to be able to hop over every rock and dodge every root along the way, and one thing that shouldn’t get in your way is the sun.

This is where our polarized running sunglasses come to the rescue. Polarization gives you a clear view of the trail ahead by filtering out glare and reflections. This not only means that you’ll see more clearly in the moment--you’ll see better for longer, too. Polarized running sunglasses save your eyes from fatigue and strain, keeping their performance as strong as the rest of your body’s.

They’re Stylish, They’re Sporty, and They Stay on Your Face!

In the days of olde, there wasn’t much in the overlapping part of the venn diagram between stylish and sporty. At Sunski, our running sunglasses defy those odds. The Puerto is a classic square shape with a ton of coverage. Our Foxtrot frames are a modern take on the aviator whose tapered arms will wrap around your ears. If you prefer to look glam while staying protected, try out the high-coverage Anza.

Style is one thing, but a good fit is essential for runners. You don’t want your shades bobbing up and down on your face or sliding down the bridge of your nose, but you don’t want them squeezing the sides of your brain either. All of our sunglasses fit perfectly snugly even when you work up a sweat (thanks in part to rubber nose grips---look at the Topeka lenses or our Foxtrot aviators.) We have collections for small, medium, and large heads collections so you can get even more specific about your running sunglasses’ coverage and fit.

Whether you run in the high alpine mountains or on the California coast, Sunskis are the reliable, minimalist sunglasses you need.

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