A timeless round silhouette with metal frames and polarized CR-39 premium lenses. The Baia combines the retro feel of vintage 60s shades with modern comfort and versatility.
sunski baia copper forest front angle

Copper Forest

sunski baia champagne amber front angle

Champagne Amber



Our take on the modern aviator. With polarized CR-39 lenses and details that pay homage to vintage airplane construction, the Astras capture the timeless spirit of exploration.
sunski astra tortoise amber front angle

Tortoise Amber

sunski astra black forest front angle

Black Forest

sunski astra caramel midnight front angle

Caramel Midnight



Pure Sunski originality: part grand tourer, part glacier glasses, part adventure pal. This one of a kind silhouette features perforated built-in sun shields and polarized CR-39 lenses.
sunski bernina black slate front angle

Black Slate

sunski bernina caramel forest front angle

Caramel Forest

sunski bernina desert amber front angle

Desert Amber



Premium Materials

No need to sacrifice style for performance. Featuring TR90 and electroplated stainless steel frames, our premium metal frame sunglasses are created to elevate with your look whether you’re getting active or laying low.

Polarized Lenses

Our premium sunglasses reduce glare and protect your eyes from the sun. With CR-39 lenses, our premium shades feature a scratch resistant coating and 100% UV protection.

Sculpted Nosepads

You know those uncomfortable wire nosepads that inevitably get caught in your hair? They’re a trademark of expensive designer shades. Well, you won’t find those here. Our perfectly sculpted integrated nosepads are comfortable all day and never snag or catch.

Sunski Elevated

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after ten years of designing sunglasses, it’s how hard it is to put words to a feeling. And that’s exactly the challenge we have here when writing the perfect summary about our Premium Collection.

Because this collection is a feeling. It’s the embrace of timeless style and how the right frame can transform your mood, your perspective and your confidence. It’s the attention to detail, elevated materials and careful proportions that make certain sunglasses just a bit more special than all the rest. It’s the premium optical experience that only comes with the clarity of CR-39 polarized lenses.

This is what you get, and more, with every design in our Premium Collection: that trademark Sunski feeling with an extra dose of special.

team sunski

Secretly Sporty

Yes, our premium sunglasses will make you look effortlessly cool. And yes, they can still be your sports sunglasses! Like all of our shades, these premium metal frame sunglasses are as functional as they are fashionable. Here’s why the word premium applies to more than just the look of this collection:

Each pair of our premium metal frame sunglasses comes with polarized lenses for full color clarity and glare reduction. They’re super lightweight, and super durable. Extra bonus: they’re made with the earth in mind. All of our frames are made from recycled materials.

Usually, with sunglasses this classy, you spend the day worrying that they’ll get scratched or bent, that they’ll fall off and you’ll lose them. You’d probably reserve your pair of ‘nice’ sunglasses for special outings. You’d probably not wear them while mountain biking or kite-surfing. But with Sunskis, you can have the best of both worlds. Our premium metal frame sunglasses are as durable and outdoor ready as any of our other specs. Plus, we offer an affordable price point and a forever warranty. If your lenses scratch, we’ll send replacement lenses. If the sunglasses break during your outdoor excursion, we’ll fix them or send you a new pair, guaranteed.


This member of our premium collection offers a classic aviator frame with high to medium coverage. The frames are made from a hybrid of electroplated stainless steel and our classic recycled plastic. The sculpted surfaces give you maximum comfort for your trip to the grocery store, or your trip to Europe.

The Astra will look best on pilots, motorcycle riders, or tough-guy and gals. Just kidding--the aviator frame is great for anyone who needs a higher coverage lens, and who is dealing with high glare or highly reflective environments. This includes fly fishers, alpine snow sports enthusiasts, or even road cyclists.

The tear-drop shaped lenses work especially well with angular or broader face shapes. So, diamond, square, or heart shaped faced-people, this one’s for you. If you don’t know what the heck we’re talking about, check out this guide for the best sunglasses for your face shape.


The next pair of premium sunglasses, the Bernina, might just be the coolest metal frame sunglasses we make. The style comes in 2 color options to match the mood of the day--Black Slate and Caramel Forest. Its geometric lenses have an understated flashiness, but they’re suave as heck. The lightweight arms have thoughtfully designed metal accents, and the hinges are made of stainless steel for long term durability.

The light-blocking mini side panels are our favorite part of the Berninas (besides their unique shape, comfortable fit, and polarized lenses... we could go on.) The side panels are ventilated and just the right size to keep the setting sun from sneaking into your eyes as you stroll down the boulevard or ski across the trail. They’ll block the sun, but not your peripheral vision.


The Baias are the newest addition to the Premium family, but are already making a name for themselves in our Sunski community. These metal frame sunglasses put a modern spin on the classic P3 frames from the 60s made famous by John Lennon. The timeless Baia uses an exoskeleton metal frame paired with sculpted and organic surfaces which ensures a perfect fit. Coming in both Champagne Amber and Copper Forest, the Baia exudes an effortless look that will never go out of style. 

Premium Protection, No Premium Price Tag

From the sophistication and quality construction of this collection, you’d assume that they come at a million dollar price tag. Lucky for you, you’d assume wrong. Our company was founded on the dirtbag adventurer spirit, so we know that outdoor gear needs to be durable and affordable. With all of our premium sunglasses coming in under $100, they’re accessible to all kinds of outdoorsy folks, from vanlifers to couch-surfing world travelers.

What makes sunglasses premium?

Sunski premium sunglasses bring together elevated design and materials. Incorporating ultralight and durable TR90, electroplated steel frames and high quality CR-39 polarized lenses, these shades pay homage to some of the most classic premium sunglass silhouettes. Our premium sunglasses maintain the Sunski values and vibes with high-class craftsmanship and superior sustainable materials.

What materials are used for premium sunglass frames?

Our premium sunglasses take our high-quality design and combine it with high-class materials. TR90 and electroplated frames makes for a clean aesthetic without sacrificing the lightweight feel. CR-39 polarized lenses to elevate optics while maintaining polarization and UV protection.

What are the best polarized sunglasses?

Sunski premium sunglasses collection features elevated design and materials. The collection is made up of three premium styles:
  • Astra. Our classic Top Gun-inspired aviator frames made modern, the Astra makes its mark on our premium sunglasses collection with balanced and precise proportions.
  • Bernina. Architectural, timeless and artful, the Bernina celebrates our passion for innovative design as our original style of premium sunglasses.
  • Baia. Retro, round frame with metal etchings reflects our attention to detail when designing sunglasses.

What are the best premium sunglasses lenses?

Premium sunglasses deserve premium lenses. Sunski CR-39 lenses are featured in all our premium sunglasses. CR-39 lenses provide superior optics and high scratch resistance. Combining that with our T90 and electroplated frames and locktight stainless steel screws, our premium sunglasses will have you feeling cool as a cucumber.

Sunski Bestsellers

sunski dipsea dusk bronze front angle
sunski dipsea champagne brown front angle
sunski dipsea tortoise amber front angle
sunski dipsea tortoise emerald front angle
sunski dipsea tortoise ocean front angle
sunski dipsea black slate front angle
sunski dipsea tortoise aqua front angle
sunski dipsea frosted sky front angle
sunski dipsea dark sapphire ruby front angle
sunski dipsea rust forest front angle


sunski treeline tortoise forest front angle
sunski treeling navy silver front angle
sunski treeline black slate front angle
sunski treeline with side shields removed


sunski baia copper forest front angle
sunski baia champagne amber front angle