Type-1 Fun Sling

Carry just enough stuff for those suffer-free days of pure sunny fun.

man and woman wearing type 1 fun slings
sunski carry sling yellow front angle


sunski carry sling sage front angle


sunski carry sling sand front angle



Travel Case

Cover all your style bases on that next trip with this 3-pair sunglasses case.

person packing travel case
sunski travel case yellow front angle


sunski travel case sand front angle


hand reaching inside sunski carry sling people hiking wearing sunski carry sling live life outside lineup of all three colors of sunski sling people's food on a table with the sunski sling guy jumping from rock to rock wearing sunski sling

Why Slings?

It’s hard to believe that 2022 marks the 10-Year Anniversary of Sunski. As we turn the corner into our second decade, we figured now would be a good time to go back to the drawing board with a fresh design challenge: make some new best friends for our seriously sustainable sunglasses.

Over the past twelve months, we’ve gone through many a sketchbook and sample to arrive at these first new carry products. The same commitment to design, quality and sustainability that goes into our sunglasses has gone into these new sling bags and sunglasses travel cases. Our hope is that they’ll join our shades as your go-to accessories for sunny day adventures.

We can’t wait to see where this new frontier takes us. As always, thanks for coming along on the ride.


man hiking with sunski sling

Adventure Style

We’re here to help you feel cool and confident for all of your outdoor pursuits. We believe that looking great can actually make outside better. Our original designs leave the clunky and overdone gear back at the trailhead.
sunski sling design work

No Shortcuts Design

At Sunski, everything we make is 100% original. Each concept starts with a sketch and comes to life through a rigorous design process with no shortcuts. This is our way of saying: make it the best you can, or don’t make it at all.
sunski sling

Recycled Polyester

The textiles we use in our accessories and carry products are made from durable solution-dyed recycled polyester (RPET). Color is added early in manufacturing by dyeing the thread before weaving, reducing water waste and making it one of the most sustainable textiles in the world.

Sunski Bestsellers

sunski baia copper forest front angle
sunski baia honey sepia front angle
sunski baia champagne amber front angle
sunski baia black forest front angle
sunski baia wire tortoise bronze front angle


sunski polarized sunglasses miho dawn terra fade front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho seaweed sepia front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho sunset sepia front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho tortoise amber front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho black forest front angle


sunski tera black gold front angle
sunski tera tortoise forest front angle
sunski tera stone alpenglow front angle