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 - Square Sunglasses for Men
Sunski Ventana Black Forest Sunski Ventana Caramel Amber Sunski Ventana Champagne Amber
Sunski Camina Black Slate Sunski Camina Blush Terra Fade Sunski Camina Tortoise Amber Sunski Camina Cola Amber
Sunski Headland Grey Black Sunski Headland Twilight Velvet Sunski Headland Snow Sepia Sunski Headland Black Forest Sunski Headland Clear Forest Sunski Headland Grey Blue
Sunski Madrona Tortoise Brown Sunski Madrona Blonde Tortoise Ocean Sunski Madrona Tortoise Forest Sunski Madrona Tortoise Blue
Sunski Seacliff Black Slate Sunski Seacliff Tortoise Forest
Sunski Anza Dusk Amber Sunski Anza Tortoise Forest
Sunski Mini Headland Grey Black
Sunski Mini Madrona Tortoise Brown

Did you know that the entire Sunski brand started with a pair of square sunglasses? While on a surf vacation in Australia, Sunski founder Tom discovered a retro pair of square sunglasses in a thrift store. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, that epic pair of Australian 80’s style sunnies inspired our founders to create the Sunski Originals, a classic pair of square sunglasses with a clear frame and colorful lenses. After that very first pair, Sunski was off to the races. Our second pair, the Sunski Headlands, maintained the same square shape as the Originals. And Sunski’s third pair, the Sunski Madronas? You guessed it: square sunglasses inspired by the Originals (and if we’re giving credit where it’s due, all of these pairs were inspired by the real OG, the thrift store shades.) If you want the full scoop on Sunski’s origin story, check it out here and here.

Since that first fateful pair of square sunglasses, Sunski has moved on to round sunglasses, aviators, and even half-frame sunglasses. But there’s a reason we stayed on the square sunglasses train for so many years here at Sunski: square sunglasses are a classic design that’s universally flattering on faces of all shapes and sizes. It’s pretty difficult to go wrong with one of our many pairs of square sunglasses. 

What Face Shape Works with Square Sunglasses?

If you’ve ever seen Kim Kardashian or Johnny Depp rocking a pair of square sunglasses, you know how incredibly versatile the style can be. Square frames (often based on the classic Wayfarer shape) are flattering on pretty much every face. However, if you have a round, oval, heart-shaped, or triangular face, square sunglasses are definitely your friends. The geometric edges will compliment your rounded features. 

Square sunglasses are also the perfect gift, because Sunski has a variety of options. If your cousin’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know his face-shape or his personal style, go with an awesome pair of square sunglasses like the Sunski Madronas. The simple design and lightweight feel will actually fit the needs of all your cousins, to be honest, whether they love riding the waves or basking on the beach.

Big Square Sunglasses 

If you have a larger face or a love for looking glam, check out some of our big square sunglasses, like the Anzas. They have a lens width of 55mm across (compare this to the Seacliffs, with a lens width of 48mm.) The Anzas look great on folks with medium to large faces--and folks with medium to large personalities. All of our big square sunglasses still feature our signature lightweight feel, but with a little more coverage and a lot more swag. 

Sunski’s big square sunglasses look amazing on dogs, too, apparently. If you don’t believe us, check out some of our dog-approved reviews, like this one: “These sunnies are 10/10....lightweight, comfortable, polarized and recycled plastic! Hell yes. Also my dog doesn’t mind them and he looks pretty cute.” Definitely send us a pic of your own dog rocking their big square sunglasses when you get a pair! 
Finally, big square sunglasses are perfect for outdoor performance. Try a pair with full wraparound coverage and a sporty look, like the Taravals, for your next surf day. They look especially good on masculine faces, and with the combination of wide coverage and our signature polarized lenses, they’ll keep you safe and stylin’ in the sun. 

Top Features of Sunski Square Sunglasses 

Superlight Frames: Since that first pair of Original square sunglasses, our customers have raved about how lightweight Sunskis feel--and how strong they are. Our superlight plastic will last through any adventure, and they have a lifetime warranty. 

Good for the Environment: When’s the last time you bought something that didn’t have guilt-inducing plastic materials? All of our sunglasses, square or not, are made from recycled materials. They’re also shipped without any plastic, and we’ve been a carbon-neutral company since 2020.

Polarized: The only difference between your Sunski square sunglasses and Kim Kardashian’s square sunglasses is that yours are polarized. Every pair of Sunskis are ready to hit the trail, because they block 100% of UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelengths.    


Super Speed: We guarantee that once our big square sunglasses hit the bridge of your nose, you’ll run faster, jump higher, and ski better than you ever have. Just kidding, we can’t promise that...but what we can promise is that square sunglasses from Sunski are built for athletic performance, without losing a bit of style on the way. 

Grab a pair of square sunglasses for yourself (and maybe your dog, too) today. Your first two pairs ship free.