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Cozy woven beanies for that extra dose of warm when the sun slowly fades.
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For adventures in any type of cold weather, beanies are an absolute must. Beanies can provide that extra bit of warmth on chilly days, keeping you outside for longer. Stay cozy and stylish with our celebration of cool weather excursions: the Winter Sun and Shoulder Season beanies!

With assorted colors and varying degrees of warmth, our beanies are some of the best around. Read on to see what makes Sunski beanies so special.

Features of the Best Beanies

Easy to Pack

Given how the weather and your body temperature can change over the course of a day outside, beanies should be easy to pack and stow away. You don’t want to leave a beanie behind on your camping trip, so lightweight, packable beanies are a must! On the flip side, you also want beanies to fit in your day pack. You may not need it at the start of your summit hike, but you may want the warmth up at the peak.

Warm & Cozy

Ah, warmth and comfort: the primary goal of beanies. When it comes to spending time outside, you don’t want brisk weather to be your deterrent. Our beanies are made with patterns (woven and waffle knit acrylic) that retain different levels of heat. You wouldn’t want a lightweight beanie on a sub-freezing fishing trip, just like heavy duty beanies aren’t ideal for sunny, outdoor brunch.

Let’s face it, some days require a little more bundling, and our styles of beanies offer different warmth levels to suit all facets of your adventures.

Flexible Fit

Beanies should not be tight on your head, especially if you’re out adventuring. Our beanies are one size fits most, so they have some flexibility in their fit. If you forget it’s on your head, then it’s a pretty perfect fit.

Styles of Beanies for Any Day

Beanies are perfect for times when you’re wanting to savor the day, but the conditions are a little brisk. It could be that you want to watch the sunset until the last bit of light fades from the sky, or maybe you want to go for a hike and don’t care that it’s below thirty degrees. Even if all you want is some extra swag around the campground, we’ve got you covered with beanies for any kind of activity.

For colder weather, we made the Winter Sun Beanie. If your style of adventure isn’t stopped by frigid weather, this is the beanie for you. With waffle knit fabric, this beanie retains extra warmth and is sure to keep you feeling comfy long after the sun is gone.

Hitting that glacier hike at the crack of dawn? Or pitching a climb way up in the mountains? Don’t forget your Winter Sun Beanie (and your pair of Treeline or Couloir sunnies for added alpine protection). Designed to take the sting out of the winter air, this beanie has a subtle ode to warmer days with a sun phases graphic on the tag.

Not quite cold enough for full-fledged winter beanies? Don’t worry, we created the Shoulder Season Beanie for the fall and spring days that require a little extra bundling (or basically any time of year in foggy San Francisco). Made from lightweight woven acrylic yarn, Shoulder Season Beanies are extra light and will take the edge off any sunny, chilly day. Pick up a Type-1 Fun Sling too, so if you get a little warm on the trail, you can tuck it away with ease.

Beanies are a casual way to add a little personal flair to your adventure, whether you’re out for a walk in the woods or meeting friends for a bonfire. Name a more stylish partner for sunnies than beanies. We’ll wait.

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