Returns and Exchanges


How do I return?

Womp... well, if you're not satisfied with your Sunskis for any reason, you can return them to us or exchange them within 30 days if unused and in all the original packaging (if you keep the sticker inside though, we won't come after you). 

Please note that the following items are non-returnable:

  • lens kits
  • hard cases¬†
  • final sale items
  • An already exchanged product - meaning, you can only exchange once. If you are having trouble figuring out what style might be best for you, try out our virtual try-on on every product page or get in touch with our support team!

CLICK HERE to begin your return if you are in the US.


How long will it take to receive my refund?

We try to do it lightning fast! You'll be sending your returned shades to our warehouse, where there are a bunch of people running around to make sure you get your money back as fast as possible! Once they have physically received your return package and confirmed the condition and contents, we will issue your refund. We aim to process and refund your return within 7 days of receiving it.

Please note that once a credit card refund has been issued, it can take up to 5-7 business days for your bank to reflect that transaction on your account statement. We will notify you via email when your return has been processed and the refund has been issued. Thanks for your patience!


Do you accept international returns?

Yup! The process is a tad different. For international orders, we'll need you to bypass our online returns portal and do it the old fashioned way by creating a shipment at the post office. Unfortunately, we can't offer return shipping labels for international returns at this time.

Please send the shades you would like to return to:


ATTN: International Returns

1358 La Playa St., San Francisco, CA 94122


Do you accept exchanges?

Yes we do! It's really easy - you can choose what you want to exchange for right in our returns portal.


Please note:

We cannot accept and exchange of an exchange.  meaning, if you have already exchanged once and wish to send that back and exchange again, please get in touch with us at If you are having trouble figuring out what style might be best for you, try out our virtual try-on on every product page or get in touch with our support team!

Can I exchange a gift?

 You can! Just follow the same process with the link below and click the button that says "Start Here" below "Returning or Exchanging a gift?". If you don't have the order number that's fine, our returns portal will prompt you for different information that will then be sent to our customer support team to sort out. Don't worry, the person who gifted it to you will never know. 

Click here to begin your exchange if you are in the US. Please note that our 30 day exchange policy will still stand. All exchanged items are final sale and cannot be exchanged for a second time.


Shipping and Order Info


Oops! I wrote in the wrong address on my order...

We get that mistakes happen, but our turnaround time for package processing is really quick, so often times there is not much we can do. Make sure to double check your address and don't rely on auto-fill!

FYI: if your billing address is incorrect and the order went through, then that is fine - we can't change that on our end anyways. Long story short, double check your addresses and don't rely on auto-fill! 


Can I change the items in my order once placed?

Once your order is placed we will be unable to change your order.  Apologies!


When will my order ship?

After you place your order, your shades will ship in 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS. If your order is placed during one of our sale periods or during the holiday season it might take longer than that. If you order after business hours, please expect you order to process on a business day.You will receive an email with tracking information once your order ships.


How long does shipping take? 

We ship all US orders with USPS Priority or First-Class mail, so shipping usually takes 4-7 business days to arrive. Please note that all shipping carriers are currently experiencing delays due to high demand.


Do you ship internationally? What service do you use and how long does it take?

You bet we ship internationally!* Our international shipping rates vary depending on your location and your order size. All duties & taxes are included within the shipping fee. We use Fedex, UPS, DHL, or Passport depending on where you are.  We are working on updating our international shipping options so stay tuned!

NOTE: All orders to Japan will need to be placed through our Japanese partner's website:

*Unfortunately, we are currently unable to ship to Greece, India, and Malaysia.


Are there additional fees for international orders?

 Every country has varying tariffs and customs duties for importing sunglasses and it is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of their own sovereign government's schedule of customs duties, fees, and taxes. 

At this time, our store only accepts US dollars.  Your card will be charged in USD and a conversion rate will be applied to your home currency.

Please include correct telephone contact information in your order to ensure that you can be reached in the case of a customs issue.


Damaged Lenses - Lens Replacement Kits 


The mirroring is scratched - what do I do?

Scratched lenses? We've got a fix: subsidized lens replacements! The Sunski lens kits are an easy, DIY way to keep your Sunskis looking and working their best. If your Sunski lenses have taken a tumble and are damaged, please visit our lens kit replacement page to purchase a lens kit.

We understand that stuff happens to stuff - lenses will get scratched, and that's a bummer. With most companies, you would have to replace the entire frame, or buy a set of lenses for almost the same price as the complete sunglasses (gah!). But with Sunski's Lens Kit program, you can replace your lenses for just $18! Plus, you can feel better about not having to waste a whole frame and only needing to dispose of the lenses, so there is less waste going into the environment.


How to do I choose which lenses will fit my frame?

Be sure to correctly select the style and lens color that matches your frames. If you are unsure which style you have, just look on the inside of the right arm for the name of your style.

The Madronas, Originals, and Headlands are the only frames that have interchangeable lenses called "The Classics"


I can't find the lenses that I need.

This probably means that we have discontinued that particular lens (but doule check again just in case you missed them!). Can't find the Alta Emerald lens? That's because we have discontinued that style and lens. Foxtail lenses not there? Same thing. It's just the natural ebb and flow of discontinuing old product and making room for the new. Thanks for understanding!


Are all of the lens kits interchangeable?

No - the only Lens Kits that are interchangeable are the Madrona, Headland, and Original Lens Kits - we call the "The Classics". On the other hand, If you have the Dipseas then your only option is the Dipsea Lens Kit, but the color you choose is up to you!


What comes with the Lens Kit?

One set of lenses and handy instructions - that's it! There is no frame included with the lens kits. If you are purchasing an Avila lens kit you will need a mini screwdriver, as we do not provide those in lens kits. 



Broken/Damaged Frames


My plastic frames are broken, what do I do?

Woaaaaaaaaa bumski! If your Sunski frames are broken, please click here to learn about our Lifetime Warranty - yes, we have one of those!

Note: For any customers living in Japan, you'll need to submit your warranty claim through their website:


Missing Screws?

Please send us an email at or fill out our warranty form and one of our team members can get you a replacement screw. 


Product Information


Out of stock?! When will they be back?

Sign up for a back in stock notification on the product page (just below the product photos) to be automatically notified when we are in stock.  


Are your lenses polarized, UVA/UVB, UV400 and 100% full spectrum UV protected?

Yes. Our lenses are made from tri-acetate cellulose (TAC). The tri-acetate cellulose core includes a solid polarization layer, and the lenses offer 100% full-spectrum UV protection, including UVA, UVB and UV400 wavelengths. The combination of polarization and UV protection allows for better and brighter vision without eyestrain. The dielectric mirror coating on some of our styles just makes you look really cool. All lenses from our Premium Collection are made from CR-39 for superior clarity, abrasion resistance and strength. Polarized with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

What are the dimensions of your shades?

You can find the dimensions to all of our shades on their respective product pages - just scroll down and you'll find them right above the reviews, in a section called "Design & Fit" along with the lens specs.


Are your shades made out of Recycled Plastic?

Yes! We couldn't find any recycled material we liked, so we invented our own. We call our recycled resin Superlight: it's a post-industrial recycled plastic that we intercept from going into a landfill in Illinois, regrind and synthesize into our proprietary polymer that we then send to our factory for manufacturing. It is very important to us that not only are we using recycled materials, but that we also are reducing landfill waste right here in the US.

To learn more about our Recycled Plastic shades, check out our Sustainability initiatives.


What is the difference between Amber and Grey Tint lenses?

Grey lenses are the most common sunglass lens color because they don't change the value of color but are dark enough for bright sunny days while not so dark that they impair vision. Along with being ideal for scenes to be viewed in their most natural state, they also aid in preventing eye fatigue.

Amber lenses do more than give the wearer a sepia outlook and a warm color fashion - they are great enhancers of vision.  With the amber tint, much of the color spectrum's hazy end is blocked and your vision has more contrast, giving you crisp vision and allowing you to make out shapes more clearly.  Amber lenses are optimal for:

- early morning, late afternoon, or cloudy, foggy, hazy daytime weather
- enhancing depth perception
- any activity in which focus is against green grass or blue skies
- any sport where distance needs to be judged (i.e: golf, tennis, boating, fishing, baseball etc..)


Where are your shades made?

We make our sunglasses in the mountainous town of Wenzhou on the southeastern coast of China, in factories that we have thoroughly vetted and visit frequently!





How do I keep up and clean my Sunskis?

To make sure your new lenses stay shiny and happy, here are some great care tips: if you take your Sunskis into the pool, ocean, if they come in contact with sunscreen or a lot of sweat, make sure to rinse them with freshwater before the end of the day (especially if they have a mirrored coating)! When that stuff sits on the lenses for too long, they will start to eat away at the coatings and can damage the lenses. Also, make sure never to wipe dried salt off the lenses because it will act like sandpaper and scratch the mirror. Just a quick rinse is all you need to keep them looking sharp!

We would avoid using lens cleaners - just make sure you use the microfiber case that comes with the shades or a similar cloth, and not something more harsh like a paper towel.

When not wearing your shades it is best to keep them in a dry and temperate environment.



General/Misc Questions


Do you have stickers?

Yes! And we would be happy to send you some. Just send us a self-addressed envelope to: Sunski, ATTN: Stickers, 1358 La Playa St. San Francisco, CA 94122

For you groms who have never sent mail in an envelope with a stamp before, here is how you send an S.A.S.E


Lost your Sunskis on an epic adventure?

Our warranty does not cover lost shades, but if you write in to us with your story of how you lost them we can definitely help you out (Brownie points for having a super crazy story!)


Do your shades float?

They don't float, but they do sink slowly...


If I have multiple discount codes, can I use them at the same time?

Our store does not accepts multiple codes being used at once, sorry!


Do you offer prescription?

We're currently unable to provide prescription lenses or embedded readers in our sunglasses. We can't officially recommend you put prescription lenses in our frames either, as we can't guarantee whether or not the strength of your prescription will require the lens to be too thick for our frame.  Too much pressure on the frame over time from a thick lens could compromise the durability of the shades.  If your shades break with a prescription lens, then they are no longer under warranty. 





Want to carry Sunski in your store?

Please visit our Wholesale page to find out more!


Already a retailer but need help?

Reach out to us at and we can answer all of your questions from there! You'll be addressing Ryann. She is really sweet so be nice to her. Thanks!


Still need help? 


None of this answered my questions!

If you still have questions, feel free to shoot us a direct e-mail at

Pro tip: e-mail us during the work week - you'll have a better chance of hearing from us within 24 hours!