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Big Oversized Sunglasses for Both Men and Women

When you hit the streets wearing big oversized sunglasses, people can’t miss you. Big sunglasses for men and women do more than protect your eyes (which they do extremely well, of course). Oversized sunglasses are the ultimate expression of your personality. 
What do we mean when we say oversized sunglasses? Well, they’re just bigger in all directions. The Taraval, for instance, measure up at 142mm temple width and 54mm lens width. That’s pretty massive—even when compared with something like the uber-popular Seacliff, itself a medium to large-ish model but with a mere 48mm lens width.
Of course, there are some extremely practical reasons why oversized sunglasses deserve a place in your collection. Whether you’re choosing the “wraparound effect” for full coverage, the best possible fit, or just because you dig the distinctive look of big sunglasses for men and women, choosing oversized sunglasses from Sunski is never the wrong move.

Full Coverage

So you’re saying that oversized sunglasses cover more of my face? Seems obvious, but yeah, that’s what we’re saying. Oversized sunglasses for both men and women come as close as possible to “full coverage” without being literally adhered to your face with duct tape. There are lots of reasons why full coverage might be important to you, and they’re all great reasons to choose oversized sunglasses.
One of the comments we’ve heard over and over from a small but vocal majority of Sunski fans is that they struggle with the line between light and dark when wearing sunglasses without full coverage. This isn’t usually the case—most folks who buy new sunglasses or start wearing shades for the first time get used to them really quickly and adapt to focusing their eyes in the shaded area. But some never do. And for those folks, oversized sunglasses with full coverage are the ticket to success. When paired with a wide-brimmed sun hat, wearers of oversized sunglasses can find the elusive full-sun protection they’ve always wanted.

Bigger Faces

We know how challenging it can be to find sunglasses that match the shape of your face—especially when buying online. That’s why we have so many different options to match any face, and why we’ve built our website specifically to help you find the right size for you. Just check the dimensions on each product page and you’ll get the measurements you need.
Oversized sunglasses for both men and women from Sunski just might be the perfect answer for active wearers with larger faces. The bigger dimensions and wrap-around effect help to eliminate any mismatch in the all-important glasses-to-face ratio. You can feel 100% confident that your new Sunski oversized sunglasses will complement your big-and-beautiful face in ways that previous sunglasses could only dream of. Wait, do sunglasses dream?

Distinctive Look

As one devoted Sunski fan noted, the “stoke level is high” when he’s wearing his “pretty rad” oversized sunglasses from Sunski. We haven’t quite worked out a numerical ranking for the stoke level of our different collections, but when we do we’re pretty sure that oversized sunglasses will be right there at the top.
All Sunski models are fun and fashionable, but oversized sunglasses positively leap off your face (not literally, that would be dangerous). Wider than your temples, taller than your cheekbones but always in proportion, big sunglasses for men and women can help create the distinctive look that turn heads and gets you noticed.
Are you convinced yet? Grab a pair of oversized sunglasses from Sunski and find out for yourself. Our easy-peasy 30-day return policy lets you experience the wonder of full-coverage sunglasses for yourself risk free.