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Incredibly comfortable hats for extra sun protection and a healthy dose of trail style.
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When it comes to sun protection, there’s no better partner for sunglasses than hats! Both of these sunny essentials will keep you shaded and ready for a full day spent outside.

What makes Sunski hats special? We prioritize fit, quality, and originality. Allow us run it down for you.

Features of Stellar Adventure Hats

Comfort & Fit

When it comes to hats, comfort and fit are super important. You don’t want your head to be squeezed, or for your hat to be whisked away by a small breeze. Our hats are one size fits most, so you can expect it to fit and have a soft amount of give.

Bonus points: our hats have a top stitch around the brim, which gives them an added element of comfort.

Breathable & Durable

Our hats are made out of Ripstop Canvas or Cotton Twill, which are both lightweight, sturdy, and breathable. Afterall, hats are meant to cool you off, not add extra heat. With our hats, while you’re adventuring under the sun or lounging by the lake, you won’t retain heat. Our hats will keep you shaded and add extra protection for your sun time.

Styles of Sunski Hats

So, what do hats look like at Sunski? We’re all about that sunshine state of mind, and the style of our hats reflect that. We wanted our hats to be optimized for Type-1 Fun!

True to our natural colors, the green Friendly Cactus Hat will mesh with any sunny trek, whether you’re in the desert or the forest. The embroidered cactus adds a fun note of personality that is sure to set the tone for your day on the trail. Pair with Makani or Madrona sunglasses to complete your hiking getup.

If darker hats are more your speed, the navy-colored Sunburst Hat is for you. With a dark orange embroidered sun, this hat is subtle but stylish and will keep your face shaded on the sunniest of days. For the utmost protection, sport the Sunburst hat with Anza or Foxtrot sunnies.

For the go-getter in you, the white Sun Up Hat is the perfect choice. The embroidered sun graphic will make you want to seize the day, even if it means a hike at the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise. Plus, on those early morning jaunts, hats can tame your unruly hair and save you time on your way out the door.

At the end of the day, we wanted to create hats so you can soak up some rays and spend the day outside in comfort. Hats and sunglasses are the perfect adventure buddies, working together to keep you protected and stylish on your adventure.

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