Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces

 - Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces
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Sunski Avila Black Slate Sunski Avila Tortoise Amber Sunski Avila Olive Forest Sunski Avila Sienna Rose Sunski Avila Clear Tortoise Fade
Sunski Camina Cola Amber Sunski Camina Black Slate Sunski Camina Blush Terra Fade Sunski Camina Tortoise Amber
Sunski Miho Dawn Terra Fade Sunski Miho Sunset Sepia Sunski Miho Tortoise Amber Sunski Miho Black Forest Sunski Miho Green Amber Lo-Light
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They say balance is key to living a healthy lifestyle. It may not be as obvious as balancing your work, leisure, exercise or diet, but balance is also essential when it comes to sunglasses. If you’ve ever seen someone effortlessly wearing a pair of sunglasses that seem so natural yet really give them an extra pop of cool, you’ve seen balance in action. The design and color of their sunglasses just seems to work. So, why do some pairings stand out so well? It's probably because they've done their homework and know which shades are the most complimentary sunglasses for their face shape and which do not. 


There are a few types of face shapes that consistently come up for sunglass designers and shoppers. Round, square and, as you'll learn more about here, heart-shaped faces tend to be the most common. When selecting your next pair of sunnies, factoring in the shape of your face can help you land that pair that is perfect for you. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for a heart shaped face.   


How do you know if you have a heart-shaped face? Take a look in the mirror and note a few characteristics. You don't even need to be specific with a tape measure or ruler, just use your fingers. The wide forehead should lead to a slimmer jawline, and it's not uncommon to have a narrower chin. This should look different from a square outline, where the forehead and jawline are nearly equal in width. 


Next, you'll hear our suggestions on how to get the most out of sunglasses for a heart shaped face like yours.

The best sunglasses for a heart shaped face

Rectangular, oval and aviator silhouettes tend to be the most popular sunglasses for a heart shaped face. We have all the above in our collection above. Our advice? Choose the one that speaks to you.  


Fashion designers tell us that a smaller, more delicate facial structure of a heart-shaped face is better suited for sunglasses that mimic those same features, meaning smaller frames. 


Wider frames are a trendy option as well, as they tend to not exaggerate the wide forehead of a heart shaped face. Like sunglasses for a round face, think frames with a wide or boxy outline. They should go past the sides of your face, so feel free to err on the larger side. 


Aviator sunglasses are a natural option because they offer a wide at the top and gradually fade towards the bottom. This design mimics and complements the outline of a heart-shaped face. 

For the guys: Choosing sunglasses for a heart shaped faces

Pull from our aviators collection on your next wintertime excursion to the mountains. The Treeline shades can handle the elements and help you keep your cool, although we hope you're not too cool in the snow. With removable sun shields, these great sunglasses for a heart shaped face will keep you covered from snow glare and keep you looking good after you're done for the day. The Treeline frames are a bit rounder and come in a few more colors, from black slate to tortoise shell. Oh yeah, and they come with a hardcase to keep them secure for your adventures. 

The Avila is a classic browline style, which is also a proven commodity in this category. Traditionally designed for men, the design theory here is the thicker upper frame creates a slight size contrast between your forehead and frame.

For the gals: Our favorite sunglasses for a heart shaped face

Sure, Batman is cool, but how about Catwoman? She doesn't hit as heavily as the Dark Knight but she makes up for it with style and flair. Cat-eyed sunglasses are a great option for heart-shaped faces and deliver both style and flair in spades. The wide frame tapers towards the end, which almost gives them the impression of being heart-shaped as well. Our two headliners, the Camina and Anza, are an easy go-to if you want to rock this iconic style. In true Gotham fashion, they come in all-black and gray. But you can also get the oversize frames in a few different styles as well. The Anza looks electric in the Tortoise Forest, but also sells well in the more subtle Dusk Amber. The Camina comes in a clear-frame or an eye-catching Blush Terra Fade.


If you're still guessing on which styles are the best sunglasses for a heart shaped face, check out our other collections, including bestsellers for men and women