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Sunglasses for Large Heads

There’s nothing worse than ordering a pair of sunglasses that just don’t fit quite right. Those of us with large faces and big heads know this better than anyone: sometimes, shades are just a little too small, whether it be how wide they are, how large the lenses are, or just an incorrect fit on the nose bridge. Whether shopping for style, function, or perhaps a little bit of both, it’s important to have sunglasses that fit your face appropriately, which is why we’ve compiled a group of our frames that will fit larger heads and faces the best.

Key Features of Sunglasses for Big Heads

Polarized Lenses: Regardless of the size of your face, a life well spent outside deserves sunglasses that better enhance your vision and reduce eye strain. Polarized shades are especially important in places that have a lot of reflective conditions, like apres ski at the mountain or the height of the day during a fly fishing trip. Fortunately, all Sunski sunglasses for big heads are polarized for better times and better vision outdoors – because life outside deserves to be seen!

Better fit: Regardless of the size of someone’s head or face, we want our variety of glasses to appeal to everyone. As those with larger heads know, the width of sunglasses can be a game changer, and when frames feel too tight they can actually cause headaches. Our collection of sunglasses for large heads is built wider, with average lens widths ranging from about 50-53 mm. This width gives those with larger heads and bigger faces a wider fit in their sunglasses, offering comfort and style as well.

Quality: We also take pride in the materials and construction of our shades. The sunglasses you see above are built with our SuperLight recycled resin – a sustainable material created from scrap plastic that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. In turn, these sunglasses for big heads are both sustainable and feel weightless to the wearer, so you can adventure comfortably wherever, whenever.

Durability: Some of our shades are wider and bigger, but it doesn’t mean they don’t all pack a punch! Sunski frames are made with an attention to detail and durability so even if you and your glasses take a tumble, there’s no need to stress. Our collection of sunglasses for big heads includes both performance based sunglasses and lifestyle focused sunglasses, but regardless of the use, we never compromise the sturdiness of our product.

We stand behind each of our sunglasses for big heads and want you to feel totally comfortable with your purchase. That’s why all Sunski sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty and replacement lenses, so you can spend less time worrying about scratches and breaks and more time focusing on the adventure ahead. If they break under normal use; don’t break a sweat – just send them in and we’ll fix or replace them for you.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT): Without getting too technical, the VLT on sunglasses tells consumers and wearers how dark or light your sunglasses are. Most Sunski lenses provide great sun protection, and fall in the range of 9-15%. The lower the rating, the more protection you’ll receive from bright glare and long days in the sun. So you can look stylish and protect your eyes at the same time with a pair of sunglasses for big heads!

The Bigger the Better

At Sunski, we have a fit for everyone, and just because you might be shopping for a specific size, doesn’t mean you have to compromise style. We strive to build sunglasses for the everyday, and we realize that might look different for everyone. Our collection of sunglasses for big heads includes circular and square styles, and with a variety of finishes and colors, there’s just about something for everyone.

All Sunski sunglasses are polarized, lightweight, comfortable and durable, making our sunglasses for large heads a great fit for those who enjoy adventuring without limits.

If you're the opposite or have a friend that is, check out our sunglasses for small heads to get free shipping!

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