Lifetime Warranty:

Lifetime Warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship during the lifetime of the product. It does not cover superficial scratches, wear, and tear, those are just reminders of all the good adventures you’ve had and make the best stories. We reserve the right to decide if your damage is covered under our Lifetime Warranty, but tell us a good story and we'll likely be pretty lenient.

Note: For all customers living in Japan, you'll need to submit your warranty claim through their website:

What about scratched lenses? The lenses are the most delicate and expensive part of a pair of shades, and all lenses will scratch if you adventure hard enough. Because of this, we're not able to automatically cover them under our lifetime warranty. We do offer replacement lenses at a practical price, so that your shades can stay on your face and out of the bin. If you've got busted lenses, head over to our Replacement Lens Kits!.

We will cover lenses which suffer from manufacturing defects like delamination, loss of coating, or peeling apart, which can also be handled through our Sunglasses Hospital below.

To visit our Sunglasses Hospital and start your warranty claim, click on the link below. You'll be asked to make an account so we can better service your claim. Follow the easy instructions and we'll make it right in a jiffy!

Begin your Warranty Claim

Which sunglasses have the best warranty?

If you’re wondering which sunglasses have the best warranty, look no further. Sunski sunglasses are the best sunglasses with a lifetime warranty! Seriously, our sunglasses come with our iron-clad Lifetime Warranty, which means we cover damage to your frames! If you are really hard on your sunglasses or have ever broken your sunglasses on a wild outdoor adventure, Sunskis are the perfect sunglasses for you. At Sunski, we make durable, affordable, sustainable sunglasses with a lifetime warranty. Our sunglasses have the best warranty because we like to play hard outside, just like you!

Do your sunglasses come with a lifetime replacement warranty?

All Sunski sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty replacement. Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees that you can adventure worry free, because your favorite sunglasses are protected pretty much no matter what.

Can you fix a cracked or broken sunglasses lens?

If you are wondering if you can fix a cracked or broken sunglasses lens, unfortunately, the answer is no—once a sunglasses lens is cracked or broken, it is not fixable. But don’t despair! At Sunski, we offer replacement lenses for all of our sunglasses. So if you are really hard on your sunglasses, get a pair of Sunski sunglasses and the next time you wreck your lenses, just swap the sunglasses lenses instead of throwing away a perfectly good pair of frames! Our replacement lenses are super easy to use. Simply pop out the old damaged lenses and pop in the new! Sunski replacement lenses are the perfect answer to fixing a cracked or broken sunglasses lens.