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Winter Sun Beanie

A waffle-knit colder temp beanie designed for those brisk winter days. 25% off!

man and woman in winter sun beanies
sunski winter sun beanie rose flat lay


sunski winter sun beanie charcoal flat lay


sunski winter sun beanie forest flat lay


sunski winter sun beanie fog flat lay
new color



Shoulder Season Beanie

A lightweight, packable beanie that keeps the warm vibes goin' when the sun goes down. 25% off!

woman in shoulder season beanie
sunski shoulder season beanie burnt sienna flat lay

Burnt Sienna

sunski shoulder season beanie denim flat lay


sunski shoulder season beanie sandstone flat lay




An eclectic mix of super comfortable, easy wearing hats to cut glare and add flare. 25% off!

sunski hats collection
girl wearing sunski sunglasses and beanie man and woman laughing wearing sunski hats girl looking down wearing hat close-up view of a man and woman wearing beanies man basking in sunski beanie girl smiling in the snow wearing sunski hat

Why Hats?

Tom here, Sunski co-founder and human who wears a hat pretty much everyday to manage unruly hair. Yes! We’re making hats and beanies…finally. I feel like I’ve been stuck wearing design samples of these forever. It’s time for these hats to see the light of day.

There’s no better adventure combo than your favorite sunglasses with a perfect hat or beanie. With these two sunny essentials, you announce to the world: I am ready for a great day outside.

For our first collection of hats and beanies, we wanted to capture the same mix of style and function that makes our sunglasses special. We’ve focused on fit, comfort, coziness and quality. An of course, every hat has a healthy dose of Sunski originality that you won’t find anywhere else.


girl riding skateboard

Adventure Style

We’re here to help you feel cool and confident for all of your outdoor pursuits. We believe that looking great can actually make outside better. Our original designs leave the clunky, turnkey gear back at the trailhead.
stack of sunski beanies

No Shortcuts Design

At Sunski, everything we make is 100% original. Each concept comes to life through a rigorous design process with no shortcuts. This is our way of saying: make it the best you can, or don’t make it at all.

Sunski Bestsellers

sunski baia copper forest front angle
sunski baia honey sepia front angle
sunski baia champagne amber front angle
sunski baia black forest front angle
sunski baia wire tortoise bronze front angle


sunski polarized sunglasses miho pride purple front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho seaweed sepia front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho dawn terra fade front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho sunset sepia front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho tortoise amber front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho black forest front angle


almost gone
sunski tera black gold front angle
sunski tera tortoise forest front angle
sunski tera stone alpenglow front angle