Sustainability & Activism

Sunski x Earth Guardians

July 21, 2022 Jordyn Vannorsdel

This summer, we're partnering with Earth Guardians to take action ahead of the critical United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27. With every Sunski purchase, we'll be donating $5 towards Earth Guardian's Choose Action Now campaign. Join Sunski, Patagonia, Earth Guardians, and 1% for the Planet in joining a local day of action, helping to get the word out and making a donation.  What is Earth Guardians? Earth Guardians is a 1% for the Planet, global non-profit that works to train and empower youth to be effective in the intersections of environmental and climate justice. For 29 years, Earth Guardians has continued to build a...

Doing Our Part to Save The Planet with Sustainable Sunglasses

June 22, 2022 Jordyn Vannorsdel

You might be thinking: a sustainable sunglasses brand? What does that even mean? We pledged early on to be a business that contributed to the betterment of our planet even before we had a business plan (we never had one of those anyway) and before we designed recycled sunglasses. Today, we want to let you in on what we mean by being a sustainable sunglasses brand, and why saving the planet is so important to us. Read on to understand how we are doing out part, from how we make our shades to how we give back.   What is...

How to Take Action for the Planet Right Now

December 10, 2021 Jordyn Vannorsdel

If you’ve made it to our website, there’s a good chance you’re concerned about climate change. We are too. From making the first recycled sunglasses, to donating 1% for the climate, reducing emissions is as important to us as protecting your eyeballs. But climate change is like a giant snowball rolling down a hill—it’s too big to stop it entirely. What does climate activism even mean at a time like this? Basically, it’s about doing your best to reduce your carbon footprint and encouraging everyone from your grandpa to local politicians to do the same. The Issue Fossil fuels, agriculture, and...