The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape and Our Top Style Picks by Head Size
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The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape and Our Top Style Picks by Head Size

Just like your favorite tropical fruit, heads come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you’re a small kiwi, a midsize gourd or a really large pineapple, we’ve got your noggin and your eyes covered. Read on to discover the best sunglasses for your face shape and our top recommendations by head size:

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How to find your face shape

Ultimately, the best sunglasses for your face shape are the ones you feel great in. But if you’re in need of a little guidance, there are a few easy style rules to follow when choosing the best sunglasses for your face shape. 

When choosing the best sunglasses for your face shape, think about how the shape of the glasses can balance—or offset—your face shape. Design and good style are all about creating balance. But remember, these rules are more like guidelines: great style comes from knowing the rules and when to break them.

Face shape is typically broken out into rectangle, square, oval, round, triangle, heart-shaped and diamond. To find your face shape, take a look in the mirror or ask a friend. Imagine tracing a line along your hairline, down to your jawline and chin. Notice where the widest part of your face is.

Got it? If you’re unsure or think you’re somewhere in between two shapes, that’s okay too. You can always follow suggestions for multiple face shapes and see which sunglasses you prefer.

how to chose your sunglasses based off your face shape

Choosing the best sunglasses for your face shape

Rectangle, square or diamond faces

If you have a rectangular, square or diamond-shaped face, consider offsetting all these angles with a pair of curved or rounded sunglasses. 

Great picks from our collection include the bestselling round-frame Dipsea, the stylish and classic half-frame Avila, and the paired-down wayfarer Seacliff for a great all-around pair of shades.


Dipsea Tortoise OceanOur best selling retro sunglasses, the Dipsea

best sunglasses for your face shape- dipsea dusk bronzeshop now

The stylish and classic half frame Avila in Olive Forest

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Oval or round faces

If you have an oval or round-shaped face, try counterbalancing all those curves with a pair of rectangle or angular sunglasses. 

Our favorite rectangular and more angular picks from our line include the bestselling wayfarer shaped Headland or Madrona, the timelessly classic Yuba or the geometric Bernina for something a little different.

headland grey black
Top pick from our men's polarized sunglasses - the Headland in Grey Blackshop now
A rounder shape to smooth out angles - our Yuba in Champagne Forest
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Heart shaped or triangular faces

If you have a heart shaped or triangular shaped face, your best bet is going to be choosing a frame that offsets the narrower part of your face. Remember, triangle-shaped faces can have the widest part at the bottom, or the top. 

For heart-shaped faces and triangle point-down faces, our top pics are the slightly cateye Makani, the oversize and flirty Camina or the  Ventana, all of which accentuate the cheekbones. 
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From our polarized sunglasses for women - the Camina in Blush Terra Fade
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For triangle point-up faces with a wider jawline, consider the half-frame Avila or the angular Bernina, all of which will accentuate your brow-line. In our sport sunglasses collection, both the cat-eye Anza and the wraparound Topeka also play nice with this face shape.

Our top Sunski style picks by head size

Best sunglasses for small heads

Our top recommendations for sunglasses for small heads are the Seacliff for a minimalist wayfarer style, the Topeka or cat eye Anza for a sportier look, and the Baia for an everyday go-to.

best sunglasses for your face shape - baia

An everyday look for those smaller heads - the Baia in Copper Forest

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Best sunglasses for medium heads

best sunglasses for your face shape - headland twilight

Our top picks for the best sunglasses for medium heads are the Headland for that classic wayfarer look, the Dipsea for a stylish round shape, and the Treeline for something out of the ordinary.

The Treeline in Tortoise Forest from our Alpine Collection

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Best sunglasses for large heads

Our top picks for the best sunglasses for large heads are the Kiva for the guys, the Camina for the gals, and the timelessly classic Yuba for practically everyone. 

From our polarized sunglasses for men collection - the Kiva in Cola Amber

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Ready to find your new favorite shades?

Shop our collection of polarized sunglasses or use our virtual try on tool to compare two or more styles. 

perfect sunglasses for your face shape - multiple shades

Now that picking the best sunglasses for your face shape is done, follow our guide to choosing sunglasses lenses!

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