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Shop our collection of polarized fishing sunglasses. Wraparound sun protection for long days on the water. Built to last with a lifetime warranty.
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The Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Along with a fishing pole and a couple of ice cold beers, sunglasses are an absolutely essential part of a fisherman’s toolkit. They help you see the fish underwater and they protect your eyes from the glare of the surf. Whether your go-to spot is the lake, the river, the reservoir, or the ocean, you shouldn’t leave your house without your best fishing sunglasses securely on your face.

You might be thinking, “Well, these don’t look like those rectangular glasses I always see fishermen wearing!” Don’t let the stylishness of this collection fool you. Our sunglasses come with all the features of the “techy” brands--polarization, high coverage, and long-lasting comfortable frames. But, they also come at a considerably lower price point and a considerably higher cool-factor.

What to Look for in Fishing Sunglasses


Yeah, we talk up the polarization of our lenses for all sports sunglasses, but for fishing, it really, really matters. Water is a major source of glare, no matter what kind of water that you’re on. When sun rays reflect off of the water, they come in as a horizontal wavelength. Without polarized lenses, your eyes translate this as a glare, which would make it basically impossible to be staring into the water all day. It can also be dangerous to expose your eyes to these harmful UV-A and UV-B rays every weekend trip.

Polarized fishing sunglasses to the rescue! Even in medium brightness situations, polarized lenses will give you the clarity, contrast, and crispness you need to see the fish in the water. They’ll filter through confusing glare and help make the fish pop through the various shades of blue. You’ll be able to spot the flash of the fish more quickly, and at deeper depths of water.

Comfort and Fit

Fishing is an activity that, by its nature, cannot be rushed. It’s important to have all day comfort in your fishing sunglasses. Imagine being 45 minutes out in the open ocean, and realizing that your sunglasses are giving you a headache. Maybe you try to take them off, but the glare of the white boat and the reflective water gives you a different kind of headache.

A snug fit is just as important as a comfortable one. Imagine that you lean over the edge of the boat to see the fish you’re reeling in, and your sunglasses slip right off the bridge of your nose into the deep blue below, never to be seen again.

You need to get yourself a pair of fishing sunglasses that grip your face snugly, but comfortably. Every pair of Sunski fishing sunglasses is incredibly lightweight and flexible with a smooth finish. The grippy rubber nose pieces on lenses like our Foxtrots will keep your sunnies from flying off your face when the boat is cruising at top speed. So, wherever you’re casting out, Sunski fishing sunglasses will allow you to focus on reeling in the big catch of the day without thinking about what equipment is sitting on your face.


Depending on where you’re fishing, you might need high coverage lenses when you’re on the water. Some fishermen and women want the sides of the lenses to cover their eyes to reduce the eye fatigue that is inherent to staring at a reflective surface all day. Larger lenses are also useful for keeping the natural elements out of your eyes, like wind, debri, and fish hooks. Check out our Berninas, which have side panels, or our Headlands, for a broader coverage frame.


Salty air and sandy water droplets are inevitably going to get onto your lenses when you’re out fishing. In wet situations, it’s actually best to stick to plastic frames. Metal can rust and wear down over time. Our lenses are made of durable, flexible plastic. And if you’re concerned about the plastic you may see floating in the water when you’re out fishing, you can rest easy in your Sunskis. All of our lenses are made of recycled plastic from landfills.

If your lenses do get scratched when protecting your eyeball from a stray fish hook, we offer replacement lenses for a low cost. And in the very unlikely case that your frames get broken in a genuine accident, we offer a forever warranty (sorry, that doesn’t cover if a giant river creature eats your fishing sunglasses.)

Protect Your Most Important Asset

Your eyes are your most important resource out on the water. If you’re already a fisherman, you probably know the importance of a pair of comfortable, polarized fishing sunglasses. If you’re just getting started fishing, we promise, it’s a lot more fun when you can see the fish in the water. For more relaxing days out on the water, and possibly, more fish on your hook, you can’t go wrong with our fully polarized fishing lenses.

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