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sunski velo black rose front angle

Velo Black Rose Lo-Light

sunski anza lavender purple lo-light front angle

Anza Lavender Purple Lo-Light

sunski foxtrot clay amber photochromic front angle

Foxtrot Clay Amber Photochromic

sunski vallarta bone tortoise arctic front angle

Vallarta Bone Arctic Lo-Light

woman in a pool wearing sunski tinted sunglasses reflective ocean water sunski tinted sunglasses in the sand man wearing sunski tinted sunglasses sunski tinted sunglasses on a corner by a pool man and woman wearing sunski tinted sunglasses

Color Your World

See the world through a brighter lens with the limited edition Lo-Light Collection. Bringing more color to the world around you, these tinted sunglasses put the fun in funktional.

At Sunski, We're all about making your outside life more fun. Self expression through sunglasses in colors inspired by nature, always. Our low light, high Visible Light Transmission lenses are great for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays on cloudy days. And they're fun to wear.

Go ahead β€” color outside the lines and experience the outdoors in your very own, 100% original style.


hand holding sunski tinted sunglasses

Low Light, High VLT Lenses

Sunski tinted sunglasses intentionally let more sunlight in than typical sunglasses, but not to worry -- they still come with full spectrum 100% UV protection. Need more info? The visible light transmission (VLT) in our Lo-Light Collection ranges from 40-50%.
woman with hand on head wearing sunski tinted sunglasses

Polarized UV Protection

Just because they're low light, high VLT doesn't mean they aren't polarized! Don't stress β€”just like all Sunskis, our Lo-Light Collection tinted sunglasses are totally polarized and super safe to wear in the sun, on a cloudy day or out at night to see your favorite band.
woman in hat wearing sunski tinted sunglasses

Lifetime Warranty

We proudly stand behind every pair of sunglasses we make. All Sunski frames are covered by our lifetime warranty. Best story on how they broke gets extra brownie points.

Sunski Bestsellers

sunski baia copper forest front angle
sunski baia honey sepia front angle
sunski baia champagne amber front angle
sunski baia black forest front angle
sunski baia wire tortoise bronze front angle


sunski polarized sunglasses miho pride purple front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho seaweed sepia front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho dawn terra fade front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho sunset sepia front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho tortoise amber front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho black forest front angle


almost gone
sunski tera black gold front angle
sunski tera tortoise forest front angle
sunski tera stone alpenglow front angle