Can we make you a great deal?




So here's what we're thinking: those shades you tried on and don't want to keep? We're pretty darn certain those shades are going to look good on somebody you know.


So can we make you a deal? If you gift your extra pairs of Sunskis, we'll straight-up refund 50% of the cost of the shades you give. You get a little money back, your friends will love you, and we get to surf a little longer. Win-win-win!

So how about this:
1. Gift your extra shades to loved ones
2. Shoot us an email saying "I gifted Sunski!" to
3.Tell us which shades you're giving as gifts. Include your name, email and order#.
4. We'll straight-up refund you 50% of the pairs you gifted.

So, who's on your nice list?
Get going and email us!

Please note: This deal can only be applied to a maximum of two pairs. We do reserve the right to honor this deal (or not) completely at our own discretion if we don't think it's being done in good faith.

Give Sunski as a gift