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We're offering our iconic Treeline sunglasses to the courageous firefighters protecting the forests of California and the West.

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We are a Proudly California brand. Our heart breaks as we watch megafires sweep across the forests and communities we love. In the face of an accelerating climate crisis, we’re always asking ourselves what more we can do to help.

We want to recognize the wildland firefighters who are working in hard and dangerous conditions to protect the people and the land. We've gotten a lot of emails from firefighters asking for a pro-deal on our alpine shades... so we're happy to offer a 65%-off mega pro-deal for the Treelines!

From now until the end of the year, we’re offering firefighters and forest service workers a mega pro-deal for Treeline sunglasses. As they work to protect our people and planet, the least we can do is ensure they’ve got the gear to do the job better and more comfortably.

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“Do you guys offer any pro-deals for firefighters? I really like your sunglasses with the side shields. They would help a lot to keep the smoke out of my eyes.”

Samuel, Wildland Firefighter

Instructions for Firefighters

Follow these steps to validate the prodeal for Treelines. Use the code at checkout.
  1. Click on the Register Link above to validate your service with GovX, an app we're using to confirm credentials.
  2. GovX will issue a coupon code to use on our site. Copy it or write it down! Code is valid for 65% off a pair of Treeline sunglasses
  3. Add Treeline to your cart.
  4. Checkout using your issued coupon code.
That’s it! If you have any trouble with the validation link, shoot us an email at and we’ll get it sorted.

Why Treeline?

Our most iconic frame, the Treelines, is set apart by unique perforated sun shields for max glare protection without sacrificing breathability. Turns out, they’re ideal for firefighters in addition to adventurers.


Protective Side Shields

Removable, magnetic, perforated side shields protect your eyes from sun, wind and dust while still allowing for comfort and breathability.


Ultralight Comfort

Designed for strength and comfort without weight or bulk. Perfect for long active days in high alpine terrain.

sunski treeline with side shields removed
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Polarized Optics

Polarized lenses with low visual light transmission (10% VLT) filters 90% of sunlight to enable high visual acuity in bright and reflective conditions.

The Treelinees are FDA certified for basic impact: the lenses can withstand a 5/8” steel ball dropped from 50”. They are not, however, a replacement for ANSI Z87.1 safety goggles. Please use common sense and proper eye protection in situations that require actual safety goggles, like blasting rock or operating heavy machinery.