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Sunski x Earth Guardians
Sustainability & Activism

Sunski x Earth Guardians

Last summer, we partnered with Earth Guardians to take action ahead of the critical United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27. With every Sunski purchase, we donated $5 towards Earth Guardian's Choose Action Now campaign. Join Sunski, Patagonia, Earth Guardians, and 1% for the Planet in joining a local day of action, helping to get the word out and making a donation. 

What is Earth Guardians?

Earth Guardians is a 1% for the Planet, global non-profit that works to train and empower youth to be effective in the intersections of environmental and climate justice. For 29 years, Earth Guardians has continued to build a network of youth across six continents who think globally and act locally. Using art, music, storytelling, on the ground projects, civil engagement, and legal action, they are advocating for solutions to the critical issues we face as a global community. Read more about their impact here.

What's Chose Action Now?

During the climate negotiations taking place in Egypt at COP27, Earth Guardians mobilized global crews and partnering organizations to rise up and take direct action across the globe. On Saturday, November 12th we made our message loud and clear that we're not waiting for change, we CHOOSE ACTION NOW.

This day of action included projects and campaigns worldwide such as mutual aid, nonviolent direct action, land stewardship, climate education, community care and more, all targeted at addressing the climate crisis. With support through project grants, a virtual action map, prizes, hype calls and training, our youth effectively took action in their communities.

Looking to get involved?

  • Head over to the Choose Action Now website, and plan your own day of action in your local community. You can also check out Earth Guardians virtual map, and see which existing projects are located near you.
  • Follow Earth Guardians on Instagram to stay up to date with campaigns, projects, and impactful work youth led crews are accomplishing across the globe.
  • Donate to Earth Guardian's fund to help engage and empower youth around the world to protect the Earth for generations to come.


Meet the Author

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Jordyn is Sunksi’s Marketing Coordinator. Embracing a nomadic work lifestyle, she now resides in Truckee, CA where you can find her exploring scenic hiking trails or embracing serenity through yoga. At Sunski, Jordyn's commitment to sustainability shines through her work on content and environmental nonprofit partnerships, making a positive impact on the world she loves to explore.