PPE for Healthcare Workers
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PPE for Healthcare Workers

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Team Sunski launched the buy one-get one program. Through this campaign, for every pair of sunglasses sold, we donated protective eyewear to a healthcare provider in need. 

As governments and institutions scrambled to supply their health providers with desperately needed protective gear, we wanted to help from the bottom up. Rather than sending pallets of goggles to hospitals and institutions to then be distributed with a delay, we asked workers to supply us with their home addresses. We converted part of our supply chain to manufacture protective goggles and off they went, straight to the homes of those who needed them most.

Was it expensive to ship PPE directly to homes across the country? Yes. Was it worth it? Of course. 4,000 brave people felt a little safer doing their service to the public during a very scary time, and we have the Sunski community to thank for making that happen.

Packing PPESindre, our Head of Design, packing up our first orders of protective eyewear from his apartment in San Francisco, California 

Team Sunski friends and family came together in the HQ backyard (socially distanced) to get these puppies out the door. 

PPE When we asked our audience to get the message out, they delivered.

Our Outer Sunset postman, Jonathan, loading the first order of PPE onto his truck. 

A good reminder for hard times. The sun will always rise again! 



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