Guide to Going Plastic Free
Sustainability & Activism

Guide to Going Plastic Free

Dear Friends and Fellow Sun Lovers,

Here at Sunski, we take sustainability seriously. To us, it’s more than just an initiative or material choice. It permeates every facet of our business and stems from our profound love of all things nature.

We love this planet, and we take every chance we can to protect and defend it.

That’s why, this year, we’re participating in Plastic Free July.

As fellow lovers of nature, we want you to participate, too!

Group of hikers overlooking the desert mountain view

Join the movement to reduce - and hopefully eliminate - plastic from your lifestyle

What’s Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a global challenge to reduce or eliminate the use of single-use plastics in our everyday lives.

Whether you're chilling at home, snagging some caffeine at your local coffee shop, or trekking out on your next rad adventure - there are tons of ways you can step up to the challenge and do your part for Mother Nature.

Sipping water out of a metal water bottle on a desert mountain hike

Ditching the single-use plastic water bottles is a great start to living plastic free

Small actions from sun lovers like us can make a big difference - making sure we can keep basking for years to come.

Check out the Plastic Free July challenge website for info on the challenge and some tips and tricks for ways to start!

Why Does it Matter?

Plastic is destroying our beautiful planet. As we fall deeper into our quick consumption, convenience, and “throw away” mentality, we leave our oceans cluttered, landfills full, and the environment woefully at risk.

We know that you love this Earth just as much as we do. That’s why you choose Sunski in the first place!

Woman in floppy white hat and sunglasses smiling in the sun

The Baia is perfect for basking: sustainably made and stylish!

You know that people and nature are one. Which means that when Mother Earth is hurting, we’re all hurting.

Currently, our world produces about 300 million tons of plastic each year, a significant portion of which is single-use plastics, thrown away immediately after being used.

Think that straw in your last latte, the packaging from your well earned trail snack, or ziplocks holding your items in your beach bag.

Hiking with recycled polyester slings slung over shoulder

Adventure gear like Sunski's Type-1 Fun Sling is made with recycled polyester - no virgin plastic!

In fact, about 36% of all plastics produced are used just in packaging for food and drink products, 85% of which lands in landfills. Single-use plastic is particularly prone to not being recycled, ending up in our precious oceans, waterways, landfills, and fragile ecosystems.

An estimated 5-12 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. EACH. YEAR. You don’t need us to tell you why that’s bad. The plastic floating around in the ocean destroys ecosystems, kills loving animals, and is honestly hurting our chances for survival at all.

Worst of all - plastic is produced from fossil fuels, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions at almost every stage of its production. It goes without saying that this production process, especially at its current rate, dramatically increases carbon emissions and directly contributes to the rapidly increasing and devastating effects of climate change.

Fog and clouds drifting between the mountains on a sunny day

We gotta do something or the sun we worship will no longer be available to us.

Shifting our daily overconsumption of plastic matters because Nature is at risk.

When you love something, you do what you can to protect it.

Mother Earth needs us. So let’s show up for her.

We can’t afford NOT to!

How Does Sunski Help?

Since the beginning, the Sunski brand has been built on an unwavering dedication to doing things right.

Our philosophy is simple and straightforward. And our values are built on our deep love and respect for this planet - we believe that we exist to enjoy, prioritize, and defend it.

Woman basking in the sun with one overall strap undone

The Sunski philosophy:

☀️ Bask - Bask in the sun. This simple act anywhere outside instantly connects us to the importance of Nature.

☀️ Respect - Nature is our north star. People and planet are one. All are worthy of respect.

☀️ Defend - Climate change shouldn’t be a political battle, but it is. We stand up for Nature in the fight.

When we entered into this journey of making sunglasses, we didn’t just find ways to reduce our plastic consumption and environmental harm in the process, we invented them.

Sunset-colored sunglasses held up against a blue sky backdrop

Lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly sunnies (like our Miho) are the way to go

All of our sunglasses frames are made from SuperLight - our very own revolutionary recycled polymer that transforms post-industrial scrap plastic into a material. We think this is pretty rad.

The textiles we use in our accessories and carry products are made from durable solution-dyed recycled polyester (RPET). We add color early in the manufacturing process by dyeing the thread before weaving - reducing water waste and making it one of the most sustainable textiles in the world!

Fun sling situated in the front of body in front of ocean view

The planet-friendly Type-1 Fun Sling is fit to carry all your adventure essentials, from snacks to binoculars and everything in between

AND we ship everything out to you in our one-of-a-kind recycled cardboard packaging that is completely free of single-use plastic.

When we say we take sustainability seriously, we mean it. And we intend to continue doing so.

What You Can Do

Our business is built on a deep and profound love for the planet. As a member of our community, we know that you care, too.

There’s much work to be done, and we know that we won’t solve the problem of single use plastics overnight.

But we CAN do our part, right now, to add our tiny ripple into the ocean of change and take one step toward protecting and nurturing the nature we love so much.

Meditating on a cliff above a cove

Deepen your connection with the planet by avoiding single-use plastic

Join us in the Plastic Free July Challenge this year.

Even if you take just one action this Summer, you’re making a difference!

Sign up for the challenge here, and let us know the ways YOU are reducing your plastic consumption.

Tag us @Sunski and use the hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly2023 to share your challenge.


The Sunski team

PS - we included a list of ideas to get you started below. Happy Basking ☀️

Tips to Reduce Your Everyday Plastic Consumption

Try some of these simple ways to start reducing your use of single-use plastic! Remember, small steps make a big difference. Everyone can choose a few ways to do their part for the planet.

Umbrella and two chairs set up on a sandy beach

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ditch plastic water bottles and opt for a reusable one. Remember to bring it with you when you leave the house, so you aren’t tempted to buy water bottles out and about.
  • Try reusable bags. Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Fold one up and keep it in your car, purse, or bag so you don’t forget it.
  • Avoid plastic wrapped goods in the grocery store. Opt for whole foods that aren’t packaged in wasteful plastic, or try grabbing fresh foods at your local farmers market instead.
  • Shop for food in bulk. Nonperishable staples like grains, pasta, and cereals can be purchased in larger quantities, saving yourself from multiple single-use packages. Many stores will even let you fill your own bags from loose products.
  • Ditch single-use ziploc bags. Opt for Stasher bags or other reusable food storage options to-go, like Bees Wrap - made from organic cotton and sustainably sourced beeswax.
  • Make your own cleaning products. Grab a reusable glass jar or spray bottle and mix your own cleaning products with key ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils.
  • Do your laundry sustainably. Instead of buying large plastic containers of detergent, opt for brands like earth breeze ecosheets who make sustainable and biodegradable options for washing clothes.
  • Bring your own coffee mug. Make coffee at home and take it with you (bonus point for saving some $$) or bring your reusable cup to your favorite coffee shop. Most will happily fill you up with your favorite drink, without using disposable plastic cups, straws, and stirrers.
  • Shop Sustainably. Do your research on brands, like Sunski, who create products responsibly. Look for plastic free, climate neutral, or zero waste certification when shopping for your favorite brands. Choose products that come from companies with durable products that they stand behind fixing or returning.

Have other ideas? Share them with your friends!

It’s never too soon or too late to make small changes for a big difference. Join us in the challenge this Plastic Free July, and be a part of the solution.