Treelines for Firefighters
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Treelines for Firefighters

Last year in 2021, as fire season forged on past its usual end, the accelerating climate crisis continued to prove to be more apparent than ever. Here at Sunski, we're always asking what we can do to help both people and planet- enter the Treelines for Firefighters initiative. 

You may be asking, why the Treeline? Our most iconic frame, set apart by its unique perforated sun shields, provides extra side protection from glare without sacrificing breathability. Turns out, they’re ideal for firefighters in addition to adventures.

Sunski Treeline Tortoise Forest with magnetic side shields

Through this program, we were able to donate one thousand pairs of Treeline sunglasses to firefighters and forest service workers all over the West. Check out some picture these workers captured of their shades in action-

If you're a firefighter or forest service worker looking for some Treelines, you're in luck. We're still offering a 15% off pro-deal, enter here!

As they work to protect our beloved outdoor spaces, the least we can do is ensure they've got the gear to do the job better and more comfortably.

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Jordyn is Sunksi’s Marketing Coordinator. Embracing a nomadic work lifestyle, she now resides in Truckee, CA where you can find her exploring scenic hiking trails or embracing serenity through yoga. At Sunski, Jordyn's commitment to sustainability shines through her work on content and environmental nonprofit partnerships, making a positive impact on the world she loves to explore.