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What is Solution-Dyed Recycled Polyester?

One way to improve the eco-impact of fabrics is to make products out of recycled materials. That’s just what we’ve done with our new carry collection of slings and travel cases.

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So how do our new carry items maintain our core value of sustainability, while still being durable for outdoor activities? They’re made of solution-dyed recycled polyester.

What is recycled polyester?

Recycled polyester is made from post-consumer plastic, like used water bottles. Existing plastic is melted down and then spun into the (recycled) polyester fibers. In other words, it takes plastic out of landfills, which stops it from polluting the places you love to hike, swim, and enjoy the great outdoors!

 This fabric is made from recycled plastic. How cool is that?

How is recycled polyester better for the environment than polyester?

Polyester is made from one of the most common synthetic plastics in the world. It may be sturdy, but it’s not created sustainably. The synthetics and micro-plastics of polyester can pollute the environment with hazardous waste, especially since the fabric is made from chemical reactions.

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The creation of polyester can damage the rivers and beaches we happily frequent. But it’s not just the water that’s affected by polyester. This fabric is reliant on fossil fuels for its production, so it emits a lot of harmful greenhouse gases in the process.

In this way, polyester creation pollutes the fresh air we otherwise love to live and breathe. After all, fresh air is one of the best perks of spending time outside, right?

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On the flip side, recycled polyester gives a second life to plastic that would otherwise sit in the landfill for decades, or even centuries. We know as outdoor fiends: avoiding plastic is one of the simplest ways we can help protect the planet!

Basically, recycled polyester does not put more plastic into the world. Instead, it takes existing plastic out. Less waste clogging the landfills, fewer ‘new’ goods are manufactured.

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How is solution-dyed recycled polyester the best fit for your adventures?

At Sunski, our solution-dyed recycled polyester is colored before it’s melted and spun into fabric. This process keeps the planet in mind by avoiding harmful chemicals and reducing water waste. It keeps the earth happy, which keeps us adventure-lovers happy, too!

Compared to piece-dyed fabrics, solution-dyed ones hold color much longer. If you’re out at the beach or on a multi-day backpacking trip, your carry case won’t be damaged by the intense sun. It’ll retain its color well, whether you’re spending hours on your bike or carting it along to your outdoor yoga session!

Recycled polyester: for all the fun you have under the sun

Why go for recycled polyester?

If you’re hitting the trails or enjoying the views and scenes at your local park, odds are you care about the planet. Removing waste and plastic from landfills, however we can, has great potential to benefit the environment.

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Plastic is constantly being created, and it’s increasingly hard to get rid of. Making products out of existing plastic, like recycled polyester, helps the issue! Plus, these products don’t sacrifice durability, and they’re still lightweight and economical.

Think of recycled polyester as one less single-use water bottle crashing in the waves of the ocean. One less chunk of plastic picked up by a bird. One less handful of microplastic blending in with the sand on a riverbank. Feels good, right?


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As we know, plastic is a nemesis of the environment. Ending our reliance on virgin plastic is one of the many rallying cries from outdoor enthusiasts. To keep the natural spaces we all love clean and safe for wildlife, opting for recycled products whenever we can makes a big difference.

Now that you know a little more about solution-dyed recycled polyester, check out our new carry collection to browse more products made with the planet in mind! Or read more about Sunski’s commitment to sustainability and activism in our blog.

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