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Trend Alert: Oversized Black Sunglasses
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Trend Alert: Oversized Black Sunglasses

When I was teaching skiing in Colorado, I spent a lot of time at the bottom of the mountain with first-time skiers. While going skiing is often chilly, teaching skiing can be a rather cardio-intensive experience. I taught adults and families, and here’s how it would go: I’d ski up the hill to rescue one fallen guest, then back down the hill to catch her child who’s speeding out of control, and then back up to help her husband whose skis are strewn across the hill. (Not to worry–every once in a while my instruction led to successful pizza-ing and french fry-ing.) All of this sliding around in the warm Colorado sun would leave me sweaty and leave my ski goggles totally fogged.

oversized black sunglasses couloir

Side shields and an oversized frame make the Couloir and the rest of Sunski's glacier sunglasses perfect for mountain escapades

The solution? I’d wear oversized black sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes and keep cool while teaching. Oversized frames and dark lenses can add extreme sun protection and extreme style and on the mountain or the street.

Oversized black sunglasses will never go out of style

Oversized black sunglasses have been popular in the US since Audrey Hepburn wore big, cat eye frames in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961. Since those iconic Oliver Goldsmith frames, oversized black sunglasses have only grown in versatility.

Memorably, Jackie Kennedy (AKA Jackie O), wore iconic big, round black sunglasses. A fashion icon and sunglasses lover, her chic shades offered style and anonymity. If you want to recreate Jackie’s classic look, try Sunski’s Camina polarized sunglasses on for size.

oversized black sunglasses camina

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In the 1970s, retro oversized black sunglasses were especially prominent, often with a square or cat-eye shape. (Think Elton John). In the 2000s, the Olsen twins kept the trend going with their bug-eyed, face hiding frames. At least their eyes were safe from the incessant spotlight following them! It’s safe to say that oversized black sunglasses have always been in style, and they’re not going anywhere soon.

Oversized black sunglasses in the wild

Remember how I wore my oversized black sunglasses when I taught skiing? Well, one time I faced an unrepairable google-fog conundrum AND I forgot my sunglasses. I learned the hard way that in the outdoors, bare eyes don’t fly. When I got back inside after the day’s ski lesson, my eyes couldn’t adjust. Everything I saw was a dark purple.

oversized black sunglasses treeline

This condition is called snow blindness, and it’s like a sunburn on your eyes. The sun’s rays are stronger at high altitudes because there’s literally less of atmosphere to block the sunlight. UV exposure increases about 4% for every 1000 ft you go up. The point here is, in the outdoors, you’ll want a high-coverage, dark pair of sunglasses. Oversized black sunglasses are the obvious answer!

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What makes Sunski’s oversized black sunglasses special?

What I could have used during that blindingly bright ski lesson was a pair of Sunskis oversized Treeline lenses in Black Slate. They’re extra dark polarized lenses make the perfect glacier sunglasses. They offer removable magnetic sun shields so your eyes are protected from all sides. And no sweat: the sides have perforations that prevent fogging and enhance peripheral vision.

For a more summery vibe that still offers side protection, check out the Bernina’s geometric shape.

oversized black sunglasses foxtrot

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If blocking the paparazzi is more your lifestyle, try out the Sunski Foxtrots. They’re both big, retro-style shades. The bold silhouettes of these styles will turn heads, while the full-coverage will put your eyes at ease and keep your face wrinkle-free.

What’s special about Sunski’s oversized black lenses is that they’re all polarized, which is essential for blocking harmful rays and camera flashes. They’re also surprisingly lightweight, which is essential when your sunglasses are half the size of your face. The icing on the cake? All Sunski frames are made of recycled plastic material. Super comfy on your face and your conscience.

How to style

What’s true of oversized clothes is true of oversized sunglasses. They’re more comfy, more cool, and add more coverage. But how big is too big? There’s no wrong answer when it comes to your personal style, but if the bottom of the frames touch your cheek, or the tops completely cover your eyebrows, they may be too oversized. Check out our guide on The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape to get a feel for which pair will look best.

oversized sunglasses puerto

The Puerto is a versatile pair of shades that harness great performance and style.

As we’ve seen from decades of history, anybody can rock a pair of oversized black sunglasses. Whether you want practical sun safety, movie-star glam, or something in between, Sunski has a pair for you. Whatever you do, don’t get snow blindness! Remember those oversized, dark black polarized lenses when you go out on snow or surf this winter.