Behind the Design: Type-1 Fun Sling
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Behind the Design: Type-1 Fun Sling

Sunski’s goal has always been to create the best sunglasses on earth for outdoor adventure. But, we asked ourselves, why stop at shades? The Type 1 Fun Sling is our ode to you. The adventurers who are just here to explore the outdoors and have fun while doing it.

Snag a crossbody sling bag as your new adventure pal!

We knew that designing something other than sunglasses would be a challenge, but we were ready to bring our decade of design chops to a new frontier. From no shortcut design to sustainability, the crossbody sling bag design process took the same approach as all our shades. Read on to follow the journey of the Type-1 Fun Sling from concept to reality.

The Idea:

When hiking, it is important to have a crossbody sling or bag that holds all the necessities. This is why you, our community, were our number one inspiration for our crossbody sling bag. We wanted to learn exactly what you needed. So we asked, you answered, and thus the idea for Type-1 Fun Sling was born.

Once the light bulb clicked and we knew everything we needed, sketching began. From size to color inspiration to shape, it was clear we were going to create something iconic.

Sketches of Sunski type-1 fun sling

The stylish crossbody sling bag, designed for comfy fit and outdoor durability!

While sketches are great and all, they are small and the sizing is unrealistic. The trick is to print the sketch to scale and be sure the sizing makes sense.

The Design:

Once the concept was fleshed out, the fun really began; the design and creation process.

tech pack

The first step is called a tech pack. This is an image of the crossbody sling bag in which you can see every angle and small details like the zipper and small sizing tweaks you can’t see on a sketch. Isn’t the design process neat?

Bring all the essentials when you hit the trails or head to the beach!

Then comes material. We were committed to finding a sustainable way to create The Type-1 Fun Sling. Recycled Polyester, or RPET, was the winner. What makes this sustainable you ask? Water waste is essentially eliminated since the color is spun into the fabric using powder dye. Interested in a deeper dive into RPET, check it out!

“The materials used in the Type 1 Fun Sling are the most sustainable in the world, and we're proud to use them.”

- Sindre, Head of Design

The Results:

Sunski type-1 fun sling in several colors

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Hark, the Type 1 Fun Sling is born! Coming in Sand, Sage, and Yellow, colors all inspired by colors found in nature, just like our shades, your newest adventure pal just entered the chat.

Meet the Author

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Delaney is a California native turned Colorado adventurer, who finds boundless joy in the great outdoors. From the beach to the mountains she likes to spend time outside in whatever capacity she can. As Web Operator at Sunski, Delaney loves to geek out on e-commerce and ensure that others can experience the beauty of the world through Sunski's digital presence.