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The Right Sunglasses for You: Low Bridge Fit Sunglasses

‘Low-bridge’, ‘Asian fit’, ‘alternative fit’, we’ve heard them all before, but what exactly does this mean? There are several different terms used to describe sunglasses that are tailored for this specific face shape. We know finding the right sunglasses can get very confusing, so here is a guide to help you understand low bridge sunglasses.

What are low bridge sunglasses?

Low-bridge fit sunglasses are created for people who have high cheekbones and a low nose bridge. People with this face shape can have a very hard time finding sunnies that fit correctly and comfortably. Whether the issue is that typical sunglasses slide down their nose or rest uncomfortably on their cheeks, low-bridge fit sunglasses are built so that everyone can sport stylish, well-designed shades.

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Design elements of low bridge fit sunglasses

There are four key elements to watch out for when choosing alternative fit sunnies: frame, nose bridge, nose pads, and temple curvature. Here’s the deets:

Narrow nose bridge

A narrower nose bridge is the key to success when it comes to having a low bridge. It helps secure your shades onto your face, so they do not slip and slide as much. We all know how annoying it is when we’re just trying to frolic through a meadow and our sunglasses keep sliding down. If you have a low nose bridge, choosing sunglasses with a narrow bridge can help solve this problem.

Featuring a lower wrap shape, the Headland is great for those of us that need a narrower bridge.

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Larger nose pads

Ah, larger nose pads, narrow nose bridge’s partner in crime. When picking out low nose bridge sunglasses, having larger nose pads can also reduce the slip and slide problem. Many alternative fit sunglasses are built with this feature, so any and all face types can sport them.

low bridge fit

The Makani is designed to sit comfortably and securely on any and all face types.

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Flattened frame

Having a frame that sits at an angle can be frustrating to those with high cheekbones. The shades will rest on your cheeks and ride up when you smile or make facial expressions. This is why low bridge fit sunglasses are designed in a flat frame so your sunnies don’t hinder your ability to show off those pearly whites.

low bridge fit - baia

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Temple curvature

Finally, last but not least, temple curvature. Typically, low bridge fit sunglasses feature ear stems with a more rounded shape, to help them fit more comfortably. With this extra curvature, your sunnies will stay locked and loaded for whatever fun lies ahead.

Seacliff tortoise forest

The Seacliff, along with all Sunski sunglasses, has curved arms to keep those puppies secured.

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Sunski's take on low-bridge fit sunglasses

We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their shades. All Sunski polarized sunglasses are designed with all types of humans in mind.

“The way we sculpt our nose bridge as an organic curved surface, which naturally puts them at variable distances from the eye and therefore the nose bridge, makes the fit ideal for as many different face shapes as possible.” – Head of Design, Sindre Klepp

While Sunski shades are designed for everyone, there are several design attributes in low bridge sunglasses that make sunglasses fit even better, which is always a key goal for us. These styles include the Dipsea,Bernina, Headland, Makani, Baia.These frames have a lower wrap and a less steep angle. Sunski polarized sunglasses are also made with our signature SuperLight recycled plastic with curved arms that are sculpted to give just the right amount of secure pinch without being uncomfortably tight, which keep your sunnies safely on your face.

low bridge sunglasses - topeka

The Topeka has more of an angle and wrap, making them a less-than-stellar choice for those with high cheekbones.

When it comes to Sunski frames, ever part that touches your face has been through numerous iterations with fit testing of all different sizes and head shapes. These critical touch points are what the Sunski design team focuses most on when developing new frames, so you can feel confident that your sunnies will fit perfectly.


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