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What are Asian Fit Sunglasses?
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What are Asian Fit Sunglasses?

Sunskis were designed to account for every adventure, as well as every person who wants to bask in the glow of the sun. Finding the perfect fit is crucial for proper adventure support. You don’t want your sunnies to slip off your face, just like you don’t want them to pinch your ears.

We have existing guides on finding the best sunglasses for your face shape, but we wanted to take it a step further. If you’ve had trouble finding sunglasses that a) stay on your face, or b) don’t press into your cheeks, this could be your answer. Here, we’ll answer the question: what are Asian fit sunglasses and provide style recommendations and tips to best suit you!

A couple leaning on each other at the beach

The Ventana: your window to sunny views and a full-coverage fit

What are Asian Fit Sunglasses: The Rundown

First off, let’s get to the basics: what are Asian fit sunglasses? Maybe you’ve heard the phrase ‘low-bridge fit’ sunglasses, and it’s basically the same thing. Asian fit sunglasses are designed to account for a nose bridge that is below the level of the eyes.

While Sunskis are created to fit anyone, certain shapes work better for different facial features. And whether it be a camping trip or coastal getaway, finding the perfect fit will keep you adventuring in comfort and style.

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Comfy sunnies can make or break your outdoor adventures

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Unsure if you have a low bridge nose? Try a simple test. Rest your index finger on the bridge of your nose. If your finger is below or in line with your pupils, then you have a lower bridge and you could benefit from Asian fit sunglasses. And you deserve a pair of sunnies that keep you outside enjoying the day!

What are Asian Fit Sunglasses: The Features

Now that you have an idea in your head of ‘what are Asian fit sunglasses,’ we can dive into the key features you should look for with your next pair of sunnies.

The Yuba comes in all kinds of color combos - find one that feels like you!

Low, Narrow Bridge

Many sunglasses that exist have a nose bridge that is inline with the pupils. But, if you can imagine these types of shades resting on a lower-bridged nose, they will slide or slip off the face entirely. If the goal is to protect your eyes from the sun when hitting the trails, you want to make sure it actually stays over your eyes!

When it comes to keeping sunglasses secure, the right nose bridge is one of the most important features. Joining in a beach yoga session, you need sunnies that’ll stay on your face from downward facing dog and through your flow.

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Styles like the classic Miho or the subtle cat-eye Makani have slim, low nose pieces. With this feature, your sunglasses will do their job: protect your eyes from the sun and stay situated on your face no matter the adventure.

Limited Curve of the Frame

Asian fit sunglasses also account for high cheekbones, incorporating a frame with little to no curve. If you have high cheekbones, a curved frame might not feel as comfortable because it will be resting on your cheeks—especially if your frames are slipping because they don’t fit your nose!

Sunglasses with a flat frame will give your cheekbones space. When frames rest on your cheeks, it’s uncomfortable and can distract you from the task at hand: having fun under the sun! At Sunski, we value adventure sunnies that are so comfy, you forget they’re on your face.

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For a medium-sized rectangular frame with rounded edges, check out the Madrona

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What are Asian Fit Sunglasses: The Styles

Now that you know the gist of ‘what are Asian fit sunglasses,’ you probably have an idea of whether these features would work for you. Here’s the fun part: picking a style that fits your personality and your preferred method of adventure!

A few notable Sunskis with a low-bridge fit? The bestselling Dipsea, geometric Bernina, half-frame Cambria, oversized Camina stand out in particular. They all come in a wide variety of colors, so you can nab a pair that suits your unique sense of style.

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Browse our everyday collection for more sunglasses that fit low-bridge noses and high cheekbones

What are Asian Fit Sunglasses: Why Sunski?

We’ve gone through the primary question of what are Asian fit sunglasses, and now you may be wondering why you should opt for Sunski.

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First off, plenty of brands offer Asian fit sunglasses, but Sunski takes pride in crafting the best adventure sunglasses on the planet. Our shades are polarized and intentionally durable, so you can live life outside without stressing about damage (and if your Sunskis do sustain some blows from your mountain excursions, you can check out our forever warranty).

Plus, we create our sunglasses from SuperLight Recycled Plastic. In supporting life outside, it’s important that our products are made with the planet in mind. So with Sunski, you can go all out and bask in the sun knowing full well your shades care about nature as much as you do!

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