Meet the Miho
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Meet the Miho

With sunshine on the mind, we wanted to create a bold design that would capture the free-spirited feeling of sunny days. At Sunski, we’re all about living your best life outside, whatever that means to you. When stepping out your door and into the sun, you deserve a pair of shades that make you feel confident, stylish, and ready to take on your favorite activities: from beach walks to happy hour and everything in between.

Your new, eye-catching adventure buddy awaits. On that note: let’s meet the Miho.

Tortoiseshell sunglasses held out over the sandy beach

Meet the Miho from Sunski on Vimeo.


Spirited, Sustainable Style

Miho is a timeless shape, with an elevated browline and stunning curves that give it the feel of a 60s classic. Its bold style and balanced proportions will make you feel cool and effortless as you tackle the day.

Smiles in a bucket hat and cool sunglasses

“A style that was too cool not to make.”
-Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

Made of SuperLight recycled plastic, the Miho maintains its sturdiness without sacrificing the environment. Let’s face it, wearing a pair of sunglasses that look good and reduce plastic is basically the dream!

Plus, the Miho is so light, you’ll forget it’s on your face. You don’t want sunglasses that hurt your ears or feel heavy on the bridge of your nose, especially if you’re floating on the lake or hitting your morning run. Lightweight sunglasses, like Mihos, keep you focused on the moment by letting you bask in comfort.

Two people walking out to snorkel at the beach

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An Exploration of Color

At Sunski, we love to incorporate natural colors as part of our ode to the great outdoors. The Miho is no exception, and with this one, we expanded our colorful horizons. To reflect the start of a gorgeous day, the Dawn Terra Fade paints the picture of a sunrise, where gold and blue meet the earth to start a picture-perfect day.

Mood board Dawn Terra Fade Sunglasses

“Inspiration is anywhere, and with some exploration and refinement, these colors can directly influence the color of the frame.”
-Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

We didn’t skimp on color or attention to detail. The Tortoise Amber Miho is particularly unique, with a hand-painted pattern that softens the look. In the words of Head of Design Sindre Klepp, Mihos have “a custom tortoise pattern you won’t find anywhere else.” These shades are truly one-of-a-kind, and will give you a subtle, stylish flair as you walk your dog in your local park or soak up the rays at your favorite beach.

Two people posing on a sunny, sandy beach

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These iconic sunnies are also available in Black Forest (the all-black look will always be a staple) and Sunset Sepia (a vintage tone that celebrates the glow of the golden hour). Whatever your preference, we’ve got a color to support your personal sense of style.

Sepia Sunset Moodboard

The moodboard part of the design process: pulling together images that capture the vibe and inspire the color!
Pretty cool, right?

Adventure Worry-free

Sun basking in the sand in some Sunskis

Let yourself relax and bask all the more, in durable, full-coverage sunglasses!

The Mihos epitomize summer style. You can feel comfortable and trendy all summer in a pair of ethically-made sunnies. Whether you’re heading to brunch or enjoying an outdoor fitness class, Mihos will fit in on any sun-filled outing.

Heading out for a day at the beach? Don’t let the sand and salt deter you from bringing your Mihos along! We want you to live life outside without stressing over damage to your sunglasses. For that reason, Sunski is proud to offer a forever warranty and lens repair kits, so you can get the most mileage out of your shades and feel confident taking them out!

All smiles at the sunny beach

Don’t miss this summer must-have! Now’s the time to add the classic Miho to your collection. Nab a Friendly Cactus Hat or Type-1 Fun Sling to complete your look and prepare yourself for many days of solar delight.

Meet the Author

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