How to Clean Your Sunglasses: the Do's and Don'ts
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How to Clean Your Sunglasses: the Do's and Don'ts

When your Sunskis arrive in pristine condition, you may be hesitant to take them out at first. Getting dirt on those perfect sunglasses is like getting a scuff mark on your white sneakers, right?

The thing is: Sunski sunglasses were designed with your adventurous spirit in mind. They’re stylish but built to suit your active needs. Whether it’s a bike ride through a little wind and sprinkle, a dusty climbing trip, or a day by the pool, your Sunskis crave the action just as much as you do.

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You need eye protection, so don’t leave them behind. With this guide to how to clean sunglasses, you can take your shades from grimy to shiny in no time.

How to clean sunglasses: Don’t use chemical lens cleaners

The first, critical step of lens cleaning is getting off all the gunk and build-up. Your instinct may be to grab the lens cleaner but think twice about it. Many lens cleansers are made of harsh chemicals, like ammonia, which can do damage to the protective coating on your lenses. Even worse, these chemicals can be bad for your health and the environment.

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So what should you use instead?

How to clean sunglasses: Do rinse with fresh water

When curious how to clean your sunglasses properly, it’s that easy. Start the process with a simple rinse. As long as you avoid hot water, the lenses will be totally fine. Run your sunglasses under the faucet and let the freshwater wash away dirt, sweat, and anything else that could be caked on your shades after a full day of outdoor activity.

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Anytime your sunglasses come in contact with sunscreen, salt water, or chlorine, be sure to give them a healthy rinse.

How to clean sunglasses: Do use lotion-free soap, when needed

If you’ve just come off a long, muddy day on the mountain biking trails, or were caught in a mini sandstorm at the beach, your sunglasses may need a little something extra aside from just water. Look no further than the soap by the sink.

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Lotion-free, mild dish soap is safe for sunglasses cleaning. Light scrubbing with your fingers, followed by a warm water rinse, will do the trick just fine.

How to clean sunglasses: Don’t use harsh fabrics to dry your lenses

Now that your shades are dry, they’re ready to stow! Whether it’s in a microfiber pouch that came with your Sunskis or a hard case you have on hand, it’s important to store your sunglasses safely. Leaving them in the open puts them at risk for scuffs and scratches, by keys, pet paws, or anything, really. It’s also best if you can store them somewhere that isn’t too hot or humid, as that can damage lenses, too.

Plus, if you stow them away, they’ll stay clear and clean for your next adventure.

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Cleaning your sunglasses only takes a couple of minutes, but it can help you effortlessly transition from your day hike to your dinner reservations.

You should feel liberated to do whatever you want in your Sunskis. If they’re sturdy enough to stay on your head as you ride your bike or chase your dog through the park, they’re up for any challenge you throw at them. So don’t be afraid to get them dirty!

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