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Behind the Design: The Tera
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Behind the Design: The Tera

The Tera is our best-selling alpine style, and it’s easy to see why. The Tera’s round shape is timeless, and these versatile sunglasses are both functional and stylish whether adventure mode is turned up or down. The side shields keep your line of sight clear on the mountain, but you can easily detach the magnets when you head back down for a beer.

Guy smiling over his shoulder while backpacking

When it comes to big adventures, two must-haves are protective sunnies and top-tier snacks

For the avid adventurer, the Tera checks all the boxes. Hitting the lake for some water sports? Or trekking up a snowy summit? The Tera will help you chase the sun and enjoy the views.

In honor of this retro mountaineering style, we’re launching a new colorway! So, we figured now is the perfect time to dive into the story behind the Tera.

Functional, Versatile Design

So what inspired the Tera in the first place? According to Sunski Head of Design Sindre Klepp, the answer was right in front of us: “The Dipsea was our #1 silhouette, and Alpine was our fastest growing category, so creating a Dipsea-inspired Alpine product with the Tera made so much sense.”

Group smiling while cross country skiing

With magnetic side shields, the Tera protects you from solar glare from all angles

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The Tera is lightweight, polarized, and made from recycled resin. The frames are comfortable, but durable, which is exactly what you want from a functional pair of sunglasses when you’re out soaking up the sun. But what really makes the Tera stand out is its most versatile feature: detachable side shields. You can make sure you have the utmost protection from solar glare with the side shields on, but at the end of the day, you can take them off for a more laid back look.

Smiles facing up at the sun on an alpine hike

“Now that we know how to create the best Alpine sunglasses on the planet, the sky's the limit for what we can do. The magnetic removable sun shields are such a game changer for how you can use a product like this.”
-Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

Studio shot of sunglasses with detachable side shields

As always, the Tera was created intentionally with our no shortcuts on design approach. It took a lot of prototyping and fine-tuning, but it was all worth it. The Tera is pretty damn cool! It’s in style, thoroughly protective, and the side shields have a perforated pattern to allow air flow (read as: to avoid fogging).

A sneaky bonus feature: the side shield has a hidden morse code for you to figure out.

Genuine Color Inspiration

With our love for sun worship, it’s only natural that Sunski styles draw color inspiration from the great outdoors. Just because the style exists, doesn’t mean we can’t expand upon it! We recently added an understated color to the line up, Tortoise Forest.

Sunglasses help up against a foggy blue sky

 “Adding an earth toned colorway to the Tera has long been on our agenda. The classic combination of the semi-matte Tortoise finish with subtle yellow and orange hues pairs well with the Forest lens. No wonder this has been one of our most popular color combinations for the last 5 years.”

-Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

 Studio shot of side shield sunglasses

The other colorways, Stone Alpenglow and Black Gold, both feature mirrored, reflective lenses.

“We had to get some mirrored lenses into these frames,” Sindre says. “That’s how the old school Alpine sunglasses were, and we wanted to pay tribute to that vintage look.”

Sitting on the ground posing with hands under chin

Another reason to nab the Tera: the more your eyes are shaded, the more you can enjoy your life outside!

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Adventure Without Worry

We love that the Sunski community is full of thrill seekers, nature lovers, and sun baskers. Sunskis are created to be durable, to last through all your outdoor escapades. That said, when you’re going hard on your adventures, you may sustain a little wear or damage.

To support your time outside, all our sunglasses come with a forever warranty. You can adventure without worry, knowing we’ll take care of your sunnies. As you hike and bike (and everything in between), you deserve to hit the slopes without stressing about the fate of your sunglasses.

Woman out enjoying snow sports with a wide smile

That's the Tera! If you're wanting to learn more about side shield sunglasses, check out our deep-dive blog on this rad stye of adventure sunglasses.

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