Best Side Shield Sunglasses for Winter Sports
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Best Side Shield Sunglasses for Winter Sports

It’s winter, so naturally, the mountains are calling. In these cold months, nothing feels quite as satisfying as the drive up to those winding roads, chasing your annual dose of snow.

Of course, cloudy days don’t necessarily mean shade. Whether it’s overcast or sunny, the snow can make every day a little blinding. The glare comes from all angles, so it’s all the more critical to bring sunglasses on your next mountain vacay.

Four skiers striking a pose on a sunny slope

Adventure in full eye coverage and savor the mountain scene with your buddies.

When it comes to winter sun and time outside, what you really need are side shield sunglasses. With that in mind, we’ve made this sunglasses guide for the best side shield sunglasses for winter sports.

What are side shield sunglasses?

If you’ve never heard of side shield sunglasses, allow us to break it down. They have physical shields, which defend your eyes from glare that’s below you, next to you, or anywhere else in your periphery. Let’s face it, when you’re summiting a snowy peak or gliding through a sunny glade, this is the full coverage you want.

Three side shield sunglasses sticking out of the snow

Personalize your alpine look with different side shields! From Black Treelines to Tortoise Teras and beyond.

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Our side shield sunglasses are prime for snowy sports because of their low Visual Light Transmission (VLT). Sunglasses with a low VLT are best in sunny or reflective conditions since they don’t let as much light pass through the lenses. It makes them excellent for days adventuring in the snow.

Hit with a snowball but all smiles

Keep the sun and the snow from your eyes with bonus side shields!

With Sunski side shield sunglasses, the side shields are detachable, so you can modify them based on your activity. Hitting the slopes? Clip the magnets in. Chilling for a beer after a day under the winter sun? Pop the side shields off. These sunglasses are truly a win for any kind of winter adventure!

Best Side Shield Sunglasses by Winter Sport

Our collection of side shield sunglasses fit with every winter activity under the sun. Read on for a rundown of our recommendations on best side shield sunglasses for snowmageddon.

For Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding

Downhill skiing on a sunny day

The Teras can get the job done on any bluebird day!

If you’re searching for a pair of sunglasses with optimal protection, look no further than the Couloir. For how wide the frame is, it’s still lightweight, so you don’t have to sacrifice weight when going for coverage. Plus, the rubber nose pads will keep them secure as you speed down the slopes.

The Couloirs, like the rest of our side shield sunglasses, come with detachable side shields. You’ll go from ski-mode to chill-mode with the snap of the magnet!

Geared up in sunnies for a day on the slopes

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For Alpine Hiking, Mountaineering, & Snowshoeing

Another notable pair of side shield sunglasses is the Treeline. We didn’t cut any corners in creating the Treelines, and they’re known for their iconic style and award-winning design. Like the Couloirs, they have detachable magnetic side shields. Rather than large square frames, the Treelines are mid-sized aviators and work well for most face shapes and sizes.

Gliding through the snow and trees on a sunny day

Glide through the snow and bask in the serenity of the alpine

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The versatility of Treelines means they can fit in with any element of your lifestyle. You can bring them along to your snowshoeing trek or alpine hike over the weekend and protect your eyes from the snow’s reflection. But come Monday morning, you can ditch the shields and head to your board meeting in style.

Treelines are side shield sunglasses you can trust when you need something durable that keeps your field of vision open and clear.

For Sledding & Ice Skating

The Dipseas are popular everyday sunglasses, and we took that beloved round frame and made it into a pair of side shield sunglasses: the Teras. You can’t go wrong with a round frame look, and with the side shields, these sunglasses are style AND substance. With a low VLT, Teras are great for high-sun, high-glare conditions.

Soaking up the snowy mountain view in side shield sunglasses

Teras protect you from the snow's glare so you can enjoy the epic views!

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Teras are totally capable of extreme winter sports, but if your version of the winter fun involves sledding and hot cider or carving around an ice rink, the Teras are perfect for you. When it comes to altitude and sun, you can’t be too protective of your eyes, no matter how laid back your time outside is. As side shield sunglasses, Teras are both practical and stylish and will keep your eyes thoroughly protected against the icy glare.

For Relaxing at the Lodge

Okay, just because you don’t seek out the thrills of winter sports doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the mountain getaway! If your style is throwing back a few brews or sipping a hot chocolate in the lodge while your friends hit the lift, then you could still use some lenses that don’t skimp on protection.

Three friends relaxing on rocks on a snowy trek

With your eyes protected, you can take your time at the summit and soak up the good vibes.

If your goal is style on the patio, the Couloirs are the side shield sunglasses for you. These large, oversize frames are trending, and with the side shields, you’ll squint less trying to spot your friends zooming down the mountain. Pro tip: Couloirs also pair well with a mimosa in the hot tub.

For a classic, chill look, you’ll love the Tera sunglasses. The round frames are timeless, and as far as side shield sunglasses go, the round frames are extremely stylish. Pick up a clear pair for a winter look at the cabin!

Adventure Worry-free This Winter

At Sunski, we make the best outdoor sunglasses on the planet. We know how much you value your time outside, and you deserve to adventure without worrying about gear damage. That’s why we prioritize durable shades and offer a forever warranty, so you can go all out! If your shades need fixing or replacing, we’ve got your back.

Hang loose up on the mountain

Don’t forget your side shield sunglasses next time you head to the mountains to enjoy your favorite winter sports! Your eyes need top-shelf protection year round, snow or shine.

While you’re at it, nab a Type-1 Fun Sling too, to pack your favorite snacks, your sunscreen, and any other essentials for mountain fun.

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