The Ultimate Guide to Packing Fishing Gear
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The Ultimate Guide to Packing Fishing Gear

A good day out fishing cannot be rushed. Basking in the sun by the water, drinking some brewskis, reeling in some fish: there aren’t many things better than a fishing trip to help you slow down and enjoy the view. Whether you’re into fly fishing, ice fishing, or something in between, all anglers have a few things in common. They love to be outside, they know the soul-refreshing value of a day on the water, and they need a solid set of fishing gear. Let’s dip our toes into what you need.

Two people loading a boat at the dock to go out fishing

Grab a rod, a friend and your favorite Sunskis to hit the water ☀️

Fishing Gear to Help You Reel One In

Depending on what kind of fishing you’re doing, the technical fishing gear you need will vary pretty widely. Of course, you’ll need a fishing rod and reel, bait, a tackle box with hooks, lures, sinkers, bobbers, and extra fishing line. You’ll also want a solid multitool, pliers, and a pocket knife. One other essential: a fishing license! Fishing gear can get overwhelming if it’s your first time trying to reel one in. We recommend testing the waters with an experienced friend or guide—it will be more fun that way, anyways.

Women in sunglasses and beanie high fives her fishing partner at the dock

While you're waiting for a bite, you may get chilly. Don't forget a cozy beanie!

Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Bringing sunglasses for fishing will protect your eyes from damage, reduce eye fatigue, and let you stay out on the water longer.

We talk about polarized lenses a lot here at Sunski, but when it comes to sunglasses for fishing, that polarization really matters. Here’s why: Your eyes see the sunlight on water as a glare, which makes it hard to spot fish underwater. Polarized sunglasses give you improved below-water perception. So yes, a great pair of polarized lenses can literally help you catch more fish.

Man holding a small fish on fishing trip

Nab a pair of polarized shades to keep your eyes on the fishy prize

Luckily, all Sunskis are polarized, so you can’t go wrong. If you want even more clarity, try some frames with mirrored lenses, like the Headland. The mirror reflects direct light away from your eyes, adding even more glare protection.

Choosing Sunglasses for Fishing

Let’s face it. A lot of fishing gear can look a bit. . .overly technical. So we made sunglasses that have all of the “techy” features—polarization, high coverage, and long-lasting, comfortable frames, but with a considerably lower price point and higher cool-factor. Here are some quick things to look out for.

  • Durability: With water all around, metal frames can get rusty over time. Stick to plastic frames for your fishing sunglasses, like the Puerto from our sport collection.
  • Snug fit: There are many moments in a day of fishing when you’ll want your sunglasses to stay on your face: cruising full speed on the boat, bending over to attach bait, or flailing around trying to reel in the big one. So, pick a pair that fits you. If you have a bigger noggin, the Kiva frames might work well. If your face is narrower, try the Seacliff. If you want to be extra sure your sunglasses don’t end up in the deep blue sea, some pairs, like the Foxtrot or Anza, have extra grippy nose pieces.
  • Coverage: With high exposure and fish hooks flying around, you'll want high coverage sunglasses for fishing. Don’t worry, we’ve got you—you guessed it—covered. The Shoreline frames are a great start, and if you want even more protection from rough seas, try some frames with removable side panels, like the Tera.
  • Sustainability: Don’t you want your sunglasses for fishing to feel good for your soul, too? All of our shades are made from sustainable recycled polymer—a small part of our sustainability efforts so you and the fish can enjoy a healthier planet for generations to come.

Side shield sunglasses sitting on the edge of a boat

Side shield sunglasses protect your eyes from all angles, so you can focus on casting a line and basking in the views

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A Cooler

A nice big cooler can do wonders to keep morale high for a long day out in the sun, even if the fish aren’t biting. Try an Igloo ECOCOOL, made from recycled plastic, and filled ‘er up with sandwiches, snacks, cold beer, and plenty of water.

A Hat

Fishing means you’ll be out in the direct sun all day, with little cover. To keep your scalp from getting burned, add a trusty hat, like the Friendly Cactus or Sun Up. Made from durable and recycled material, Sunski hats look great with every pair of sunglasses we sell.

Man steering a fishing boat under the Golden Gate Bridge

The Sun Up Hat comes in navy and natural, a stylish way to fend off the glare!

Sun Up Hat in Navy
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A Bag for the Extras

You’ll definitely have a few more miscellaneous pieces of fishing gear: sunblock, bug spray, first aid kit, your phone (for capturing those classic “guy-holding-fish” pics.) That’s where our Type-1 Fun Sling comes in. Made from recycled polyester, it has three zippered pockets and a keychain loop, guaranteeing everything will stay secure even if your day gets as intense as the Deadliest Catch.

P.S. If you end up with more than one pair of sunglasses for fishing, you can also bring along our nifty travel case, which can stow up to 3 pairs of sunnies.

Two people out on the water fishing

Cart along sunscreen, snacks, extra sunnies, and all other adventure necessities in Type-1 Fun Sling

Extra Clothes

You may also want to pack a change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, some rain gear, and a towel to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. Plop it all in the Bask More Tote, and you’ll stay comfy while you wait for the fish to bite, even if it takes all day.

Eco-Friendly Fishing Gear

Unfortunately, some traditional fishing gear isn’t very eco-friendly. Lead sinkers can add toxins to the water, plastic lines don’t break down, and fish can’t digest rubber lures. Try replacing the plastic line with a biodegradable monofilament line, and swap out those old lead sinkers for a weight made of a non-toxic metal like brass or steel.

Woman smiling on a small fishing boat in The Bay

Sunshine and smiles, the elixir for a restorative day on the water!

Take Your Time

There’s no shortcuts to catching a fish, and that’s just fine with us. At Sunski, we’re all about taking our sweet time and showing nature some love. If the earth is happy, and fish are happy, then we’re happy. So, whether your go-to spot is a pond, a river, or a bay, we hope you opt for sustainability, comfort, and stylish sun protection in your fishing gear choices. Here’s wishing you lots of sunshine and hungry fish for your days out on the water.

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