Rituals: Crafting a Sun-Centric Spring Equinox
Live Life Outside

Rituals: Crafting a Sun-Centric Spring Equinox

The end of winter has us itching with spring fever. It’s high time to let go of the dreariness of winter in favor of the beaming, cheery days of spring. After some hibernation, we’re restless for solar therapy and psyched to come alive with the flowers and the bees.

With Sunski’s love for all things sun, we see the official start of spring as a time worthy of celebration. We’re ready to pay tribute to the great outdoors and plan our days around some stress-free adventures.

Woman lounging in the sun by the pool

Time to catch up on basking ☀️

What is the spring equinox?

On March 20, the sun will cross the equator going north: the moment of the spring equinox. We will be halfway between winter and summer, meaning six months of prime adventure weather lies ahead!

As equinox is literally Latin for “time of equal day and night,” it’s no surprise that the equinox is about 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness (give or take, depending on how far north you live). For the six months after, until the autumn equinox, there will be more than 12 hours of daylight. A true dream for those of us eager to chase down the sun.

Guy hiking in the desert

A friendly cactus hat never hurt anyone! Bonus protection on long adventures

Afterall, more sun and better weather equals more chances to live your best life outside! With summer around the corner, it’s finally time to seize the sun again. Prep for adventure and break out your favorite sunnies. 😎

Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

As a cohort of sun worshippers, we think the spring equinox deserves some extra stoke. Winter is officially passing, taking the long, dark days along with it. No hate to winter--we love fresh pow as much as the next person, but sunny days put a little pep in our step.

Life looks up in spring. Flowers bloom, trees come back to life, berries are back in season. If you felt any effects of SAD this winter, your solar remedy is on the way. Ring in this happy time of year with a few of our favorite spring equinox rituals, designed to get you outside and cherishing the light.

Woman sunbathing at the beach

Hike for the Flowers

What screams spring and the changing season more than the bloom of wildflowers? After a long, dark winter, the pop of color is a much needed mood boost. Get out there this spring and track down some wildflowers! Scour AllTrails for best wildflower hikes near you, or better yet, search for a superbloom to really sit with the burst of life.

To make the most of your floral adventure, consider bringing along a notebook so you can do a little nature journaling.

Sunny selfie in front of yellow flowers

Sun Salutations

Give the sun a warm welcome in return, with a Sun Salutation. This practice of bowing to the sun is the perfect way to get a little spring-themed movement. Best enjoyed outdoors, sun salutations can also be done inside if it’s still a little too brisk out.

Maximize the Daylight

In honor of even day and night, spend the waking hours outside! Plan a camping trip. Head into the backcountry while the water is plentiful. Watch the sun rise and set. Set out on that hike that will take all day.

Sun is medicinal! Bask in the glory of what time outside is all about - friends, good vibes, and epic adventures.

Two friends out on a desert day hike

Sunnies like the Tera and the Couloir provide bonus shade with their removal side shields, ideal in exposed terrain like the desert

Plant in the Garden

Put your hands in the dirt to reconnect with the Earth this spring. Whether or not you have a big yard, you can still pot some herbs and flowers on your balcony. If that’s not an option, you can volunteer at a local garden. Some towns even have community gardens, where you can rent space and plant your own veggie garden.

Bask in the Sun

One of our mottos at Sunski is to bask more, stress less. Now that there’s more sun in the day, we can say hello to the prime basking season. In our humble opinion, perching out in the sun is a savory way to hit the mental refresh button. And, we have science on our side. Vitamin D is proven to boost moods and decrease the effects of depression.

Three friends sunbathing at the edge of a pool

Vitamin C + Vitamin D = The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Spring is a season for nature, hope, and mental refreshment. In some cultures, like those operating under the Babylonian and Persian Calendars, use the March equinox to determine the start of a new year.

It’s a natural progression, isn’t it? Winter symbolizes ending and death, whereas spring marks a fresh start. You could argue that spring is a better time to set intentions and resolutions.

If this speaks to you, maybe you ring in spring with some journaling and meditation. Take your notebook to the park and reflect on the last year as you sit under the trees. Give yourself a clean slate after the cold of winter and turn over a new leaf. Consider what you want to gain from these sunny months and plan some time outside with your friends.

Two friends on a sunny walk by the misty ocean

Spring isn't immune to briskness, but a shoulder season beanie will keep you perfectly cozy

Really, our idea of a spring equinox ritual revolves around appreciating the Earth and relishing in the sun. At the end of the day, the goal is to live your best life outside. However you decide to get after it, just know there’s a band of sun-loving adventure buddies enjoying alongside you in spirit.

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