The Sunski Collective: Robert Watts

The Sunski Collective: Robert Watts

Who is Robert? Tell us a little about yourself.

Personal Chef. Model. Athlete. I've been working for professional kitchens since I was 19, and recently I've participated in many opportunities to be a product model for various companies. (See: our Alpine Winter shoot below) I ABSOLUTELY love sports, I rally enjoy challenging myself and have always had a competitive spirit.  

Robert in our brand new Tera Black Gold

How did you get into Snowboarding and Mountain Biking?

As a kid, I would always go on mini road trips with my mother all around Northern CA. One day, we drove by Boreal Ski resort and I convinced her to sign me up for a snowboarding lesson. I've been hooked ever since. I got into mountain biking through my friend group. I was the black sheep that enjoyed road biking. One day the boys took me out to a loaner enduro bike and showed me an entire new world of cycling.

What's your favorite part about living in Truckee, California?

The climate. I LOVE the weather here. Hopefully we can make an effort on climate change to keep it copasetic. 

Sunski Glacier Goggles, part of our Alpine Collection

What local causes do you care most about in your community?

POW (Protect our Winters) and the Truckee Humane Society

How did you get involved in Truckee Bike Park and what's your advice to others who want to get involved in community projects?

Outside of a shared passion for biking, TBP is a very social place. There are people from all walks of life who all have a common interest.  I spent an entire day at TBP and made many friends. My advice to others who want to get involved in community projects is to have an open line of communication with those who share  the same values or goals you want to achieve. 

Favorite pair of Sunski shades and why?

The Couloir. Since the first day I received these shades, I have worn them non stop. Driving, snowboarding, biking, sun bathing etc… These sunglasses do it all! I love the big frame design and the polarized lens are really awesome on super bright days.

Sunski Couloir

Best part of having a small person so far? (Congrats btw!)

Watching her sleep is my most favorite activity, I am always wondering wha tis going on in her little mind!

What does Live Life Outside mean to you?

Live Life Outside means to have a sense of adventure, don’t spend all your time dreaming of what you could have done. Knowing what opportunities that are constantly around us forces me to choose a life outside. There are risks of being outside, it begs the question if you are the type of person who is willing to take a risk by going “outside” your norms, to achieve your goals in life.

Sunski Couloir shades in Black Forest

Meet the Author

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Jordyn is Sunksi’s Marketing Coordinator. Embracing a nomadic work lifestyle, she now resides in Truckee, CA where you can find her exploring scenic hiking trails or embracing serenity through yoga. At Sunski, Jordyn's commitment to sustainability shines through her work on content and environmental nonprofit partnerships, making a positive impact on the world she loves to explore.