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Say Hey to the Shoreline
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Say Hey to the Shoreline

At Sunski, we design our sunglasses to make an iconic statement while offering you optimal coverage and durability. When we set out to make our newest pair of shades, we wanted to create a bold look that would be an instant classic for life under the golden sun.

Nestled right where the cool coastal breeze meets the authentic beach town, you’ll find the inspiration for our newest look. It’s pure vintage California surf culture. That said, it’s time to inaugurate the Shoreline.

Guy soaking up the sun on a palm tree beach

Thorough Design & Grounded Style

In designing the Shoreline, we stuck to our philosophy of creating the best adventure sunglasses on planet earth. The Shoreline can take you from the bike path by day to the brewery by night, and everywhere in between. With a square aviator shape, it will stand out for its style while you’re basking in the good vibes! Plus, coupling these features with a high browline gives the Shoreline an especially individualistic look.

Like all Sunski sunglasses, we took no shortcuts when designing the Shoreline. The Shoreline was intentionally created, but is still straightforward: the oversized shape gives full coverage from the sun, so you can hang outside for longer.

Over the shoulder look walking down the sunny beach

“The Shoreline is our modern interpretation of vintage 70s shades with defined lines and iconic proportions.”
- Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

Polarized Olive Amber Shoreline Sunskis

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Down-to-Earth Colors

With authentic design comes purposeful color selection. In creating quality sunglasses for your outdoor life, we want Sunskis to reflect the spaces we love to enjoy. For the Shoreline, we drew inspiration from nature to deliver three different colors, so you can find a pair that meshes with your vibe!

Olive Amber

The Olive Amber Shoreline is a moss-colored frame, which pairs super well with its warm amber lens. This complementary color combo is laid back and one-of-a-kind, just as at home on your backcountry trip as it is walking your dog in the park.

Mossy forest as color inspiration for sunglasses

Mood Board: Inspired by the greens and browns you find in the forest

Rust Slate

Another look that screams authenticity is the Rust Slate Shoreline. The rust-colored lenses make a bolder statement, but the black lenses give it a balanced, authentic look. Reminiscent of a 70s retro vibe, these sunnies reflect the glow of the golden hour on a summer beach day.

Orange sunset over ocean waves as color inspiration for sunglasses

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Tortoise Bronze

When you sit below a tree and stare up through the branches, no two views will ever be the same. The Tortoise Bronze Shoreline is no different. The Shoreline marks the debut of our Michelangelo Tortoise finish. Every pair is hand painted and touched up for more depth and quality.

If you’re looking to add a little more intention to your adventure look, the Tortoise Bronze sunglasses are your pick.

Transparent leaves as color inspiration for sunglasses

Longevity and Worry-free Adventures

The Sunski community is full of sun worshippers: people who see a sunny day through their window and feel called to live the day outside. While you’re chasing down the sun, you want sunglasses that feel durable, protective, and comfortable. You want sunglasses that just work.

Carrying a surfboard down to catch some waves

“Great coverage, a strong and iconic silhouette, yet lightweight and extremely comfortable. Check, check and check.”
- Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

Sunskis like the Shoreline are made out of SuperLight recycled materials, so not only are they lightweight, but they’re sustainable. But don’t be mistaken! These sunglasses are still sturdy, and are built to carry you through any kind of escapade, whether you’re out for a long-distance trek or camping out for a weekend climbing trip or posting up at your favorite brewery.

With Sunskis, you can adventure without worry with our lifetime warranty. No need to stress about damage! We want you to get the most mileage from your sunglasses and your days spent outside.

Meet the Author

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Along with writing blogs for Sunski, Madison creates nature books for kids. She grew up with BLM land in her backyard, which fueled her affinity for adventure and epic stories. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, camping, and reading under the sun.