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girl wearing blue light gaming glasses
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The More You Know: Blue Light Gaming Glasses

You’re probably finding yourself looking at screens a hell of a lot more than you were this time last year. Before the pandemic, gaming everyday was easier on the eyes. There was a natural break between school, work, and home. Today, headaches, eye strain, and lack of focus are daily companions, but there’s a solution. Blue light gaming glasses are a way to rest tired eyes so that your workday screen exposure doesn’t drive you away from the games you love. Don’t let the pandemic change this part of your life. Here’s what you need to know about gaming glasses; what they are, aren’t, and how they help.

Gamer wearing blue light glasses from Sunski

Sunski blue light glasses are great for gaming or working from home!

Do blue light gaming glasses work?

Short answer, yes but not how you'd expect

Blue light glasses for gaming work by reducing the amount of light that hits your eyes without distorting colors, and this reduces eye tension and headaches. Their main advantage is preventing your eyes from being overexposed to blue light without changing the visual appeal of the game. You can still see all the blue light the developer put in the game, it’s just less intense.

What do gaming glasses do?

Sunski blue light glasses block UV light, which isn’t visible to the eye, and certain wavelengths of visible light, without distorting the screen you’re looking at. This has three major advantages; obviously you can see the screen without losing all the blue and yellow. Blue light gaming glasses are specifically “gaming” because they don’t have a visible tint to them. Trying to play with amber tinted blue light gaming glasses is one of the more surreal experiences ever; a couple of Valorant icons are the right color as to be completely invisible if you’re wearing full blue light blockers. So, they don’t block all blue light, just enough to give your eyes less stress.

A shot looking over the shoulder of someone wearing blue light gaming glasses

The Yuba Clear Blue Light glasses are just one of the many cool clean styles offered that make for great gaming glasses.

Second, that lack of amber tint means that you can’t tell they are blue light gaming glasses. My girlfriend saw the amber pair I use for long projects and told me that if a picture of me in them made it into the public domain we would never speak again. But when she saw my Sunski Yuba Carmel Blue Lights, she told me they were “cute” and I “should wear them on dates,” The contrast could not be more clear.

Third, large amounts of blue light tricks your lizard brain into thinking that it’s morning and the sun is rising. This is why going directly from a dark room with a bright screen to bed and sleep never quite feels right. One of the best, most common times to game is after responsibilities have been dealt with, right before bed; blue light gaming glasses will keep your mind focused and then help you relax when you finally stop hitting “one more turn.”

A boy wearing a pair of blue light gaming glasses for kids

These bad boys can even help kids get better sleep (blog post to come!)

Are gaming glasses worth it?

Let’s look at this rationally: How many hours a day do you use screens? How many dollars an hour would you pay for your eyes to stop hurting? How many dollars a day would you pay to be able to go from playing a game to completely asleep a bit faster? If you have amber tints, how much would you pay to have blue light gaming glasses which don’t make you look like a particularly unfashionable Star Trek character on Twitch and Zoom?

Blue light glasses are definitely worth it. They mean not having as many headaches, having a faster transition from games to sleep, looking better, and above all feeling better in this time where feeling better is in short supply and we need all the games we can get to keep spirits up.

The Makani Blue Light glasses for gaming help you feel cute and confident while you game

The Makani Blue Light glasses make you feel cute and confident while you game

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Their longevity really comes in handy; once you own a pair, there’s almost no chance something will damage or break them (unless you’re a very particular kind of League player). Once you get down to brass tacks, blue light gaming glasses are so worth it it’s almost hilarious. Value generation over time is the simplest reason to buy something, so get yourself a pair today!

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