Say Hello to the Cambria
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Say Hello to the Cambria

If you’re anything like us, your mind is constantly drifting to sunny daydreams. From cool bike rides to warm lake days, new adventures are waiting just around the corner. And what better way to prep for sun-filled days than with a fresh pair of quality sunglasses?

To ring in the sunny days, we’re launching a new style of sunglasses. A cheers to kicking back and looking good under the sun, we give you: the Cambria.

Your newest sun buddy, the Cambria!

A West Coast Classic

Just like its namesake (a laid-back, authentic beach town on California’s Central Coast), Cambrias are subtle, timeless shades. With a half-frame shape, the Camrbia is a modern take on a popular, retro style. The strong browline of these sunglasses are complemented by lowkey metal elements, giving them a balanced overall look.

If you’ve worn half-frame sunglasses before, you’re probably aware of the wirey, uncomfortable nose piece most of them have. Since we prioritize comfort, the Cambria is different from the rest. The Cambria nose pad is not fixed by wires, and is instead composed of SuperLight recycled plastic.

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Actually, most of the Cambria is made from non-virgin plastic, aside from the stainless-steel hinges and lens rims. These sunglasses are sturdy, light, and eco-friendly. So when you’re out hitting the trails for a day hike, you can feel protected and free to explore in shades that care about the planet as much as you do.

All smiles in new sunglasses

"We wanted to introduce a half rim square style with unique proportions that had crisp and fresh lines. The Cambria captures that perfectly."
-Sindre Klepp, Head of Design at Sunski

Colors by Peaceful Nature

To celebrate that love for the Earth, we like to incorporate colors inspired by the natural world. At Sunski, we pull inspiration from moments of peace and awe outside, and the Cambria is no exception.

The Cambria is available in two colors, one being Navy Amber. This shade pairs deep blue frames with light brown lenses, creating a look that’s just as fitting for a hike or trip to the airport. Blue in particular has that perfect summer aesthetic, for sundrenched days spent lounging by the water.

Letting loose at the beach in a pair of Sunskis

Gazing out a lake or the ocean at sunset, where the water turns dark blue, almost black and above the sunset gradient, the sky has a deep yet rich navy blue that I love.”
-Sindre Klepp, Sunski Head of Design

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The second, stellar color option is the Whiskey Tortoise Slate. While not actually inspired by the classy adult beverage, this color origin story is pretty cool in itself. The idea for this color came from our Head of Design, Sindre Klepp and the glorious fall foliage near his home in Norway. Of course, having whiskey in the name just adds to the effortlessly cool vibe of the Cambria. Soak up the last rays of sun in these golden hour shades!

The truth is, whether your outdoor style is relaxing at the brewery or enjoying live music in the park, the Cambria will be right at home.

Enjoying the sunny beach

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Adventure Worry-free

Bask more, stress less! Part of our mission at Sunski is to support you in adventuring worry-free. We make our sunglasses affordable and durable, all while keeping them stylish and full of personality. At Sunski, we approach all our designs with careful thought and attention to detail, all so we create the perfect shades for all your fun under the sun.

Multiple, faded images of two people in shades on a sunny day

The Cambria will keep you feeling cool and ready to live for the day

Treat yourself a pair of Cambrias for your solar rejuvenation! And better yet, if you have a few fun trips planned, pick up a travel case to keep your sunnies safe and set for their next outing.

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