Blue Light Glasses & Other Tips for Working Remotely
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Blue Light Glasses & Other Tips for Working Remotely

In 2020, working from home has become the new norm for many people. While it’s great to have a commute of only a few steps, it can also be stressful to balance the demands of work and life within a relatively small space. Work/life boundaries can get hazy. Before you know it, you find yourself answering Zoom calls in underwear. From bed. While eating a slice of pizza. If this scenario sounds a little too familiar, read on…

At Sunski, we want to help make your work from home life a little bit better, starting with a few simple tips and a pair of blue light glasses. Sunski blue light glasses help protect your peepers and keep you lookin’ good. Add a pair of blue light glasses to the following tips for working remotely and you’ll find that striking the perfect work/life balance just got easier:

Dipsea tortoise blue light glasses

Our Dipsea Tortoise Blue Light glasses go hand-and-hand with your WFH setup 

Have a designated work space, and try not to work from bed

Get yourself a comfy chair and a standing desk to give you more options. Save your bed for relaxing and sweet dreams!

Try to set up near a window, or somewhere with a good view

If you don’t have a view, put some fun art up on the walls. Point is, your work space deserves to be a happy place too.

sunski blue light glasses- work from home set up


Don't jump into work immediately

Give yourself some time to wake up. Make some coffee, meditate, talk to your pets, sing to your plants, whatever tickles your fancy. Just make sure to allow yourself to fully wake up first.

Sunski Yuba Clear Blue Light glasses

Take a break

Whether it’s a dance break, music break, or a break to take a long walk, step back from your work and give your mental health a little TLC.

Get outside

Take that walk on your break, or set up an alternative place to work outside. Either way, be sure to get some fresh air and sunshine every day! (This might be our favorite tip for working remotely).

Sunski Makani Sienna Blue Light glasses

Our Makani Sienna Blue Light glasses protect your peepers with an added cat-eye flare

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Stay connected

The most important of all tips and tricks for working remotely! Especially right now, it is so important to stay connected with your team, friends and family. Remember, we’re all in this together!

Sunski blue light glasses


Our #1 tip for working remotely: Sunski blue light glasses

With working from home becoming the new norm in 2020, we turned some of your favorite Sunski styles into blue light glasses.

Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause eye strain, blurred vision, headaches and insomnia. Ever wonder if blue light glasses actually work? By blocking 50% of blue light, our blue light glasses help to protect your eyes. There’s a reason blue light glasses are on everybody’s list–and the top of our list of tips and tricks for working remotely.

Scroll down to see more of our bestselling blue light glasses, all sustainably made from recycled plastic.

The Makani

Our Makani Blue Light Glasses are the large, round frame glasses of your dreams.

Sunski Makani Sienna Blue Light

style="text-align: left;">The Yuba 

Yuba Blue Light Glasses look good on just about everybody. Modern and stylish, just like you.

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The Dipsea

Our Dipsea Blue Light Glasses have a versatile look that go with even the fanciest of WFH sweats.

The Avila

The newest addition to our blue light collection, the Avila combines a timeless silhouette with elevated style.

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Browse our entire collection of Blue Light Glasses and pick out a favorite or two. With a pair of Sunski Blue Light Glasses, you can enjoy a better night’s sleep, fewer headaches, and happier eyes.

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