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Behind the Design: Travel Case
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Behind the Design: Travel Case

For Sunski, sunglasses started it all. But we got to thinking: hey, what about other adventure essentials? What else do we need for weekend camping trips and international getaways?

Travel case for sunglasses and essentials

Pick up the new must-gave for travel, to carry all your essentials!

Our new travel case was designed for those trips where you need a few pairs of sunglasses. Whether it’s a beach vacation or a bikepacking trip, you could use different shades for every activity! Why limit yourself to just one?

For easy packing, we created the travel case.

Packing up the travel case for sunglasses

The travel case can accommodate every kind of getaway

The Idea

When you travel, isn’t it a bummer to pack a bunch of little cases? You’ve got your wallet. Maybe your bluelight glasses. Your hiking Sunskis, and your brunch Sunskis. Wouldn’t it be easier if it could all be stored in one place?

Sunski travel case with all the necessities

The travel case is stylish and practical!

And, voila! The idea for the sunglasses travel case was born. Once we had it, we went straight to the drawing board.

Sketch of Sunski travel case

It gets the juices flowing to pencil out an idea, but it’s hard to connect with two-dimensional sketches. After jotting down some sketches, it was time to move on to our no shortcuts design process.

The Design

After sketching, the team moves on to figuring out the nuances of the design, such as where to place the stitches, pockets and zippers. This part of the process is called the “tech pack,” which creates a view of the product from every angle. It helps get the details just right, and ensure the product is exactly as intended. In this case, that means anything travel related.

Tech pack for travel case design

Precise design delivers the perfect product for adventures

After finishing the tech pack, the team moves on to sampling. Sometimes, it can take eight rounds to get every detail perfect. But sampling is an important step to making sure the product—sunglasses, travel case, or otherwise—is durable and well-suited for all styles of adventure. At Sunski, we don’t cut corners.

Close up of material and logo on Sunski travel case

Shop now for the travel case

Of course, we also maintain our commitment to sustainability when creating new products. The travel case is made of recycled polyester (rPET), an upcycled polyester that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels for creation. We did a deep dive on rPET, and if you’re curious about sustainable materials, you should check it out!

The Results

Sunski travel cases in Yellow, Sand, and Graphite

Shop now for the sunglasses travel case

With a mix of bright and nature-inspired colors, our travel cases will fit right in at the beach, on an epic camping road trip, or up in a plane. Your new, go-to case for all your travel necessities!

It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for two days or eighteen, the travel case holds the essentials for every getaway. The way we look at it, you bring more than one pair of shoes on a trip. Why not sunglasses?

Sunski case with three pairs of sunglasses

The travel case holds three pairs of Sunskis, one for every outdoor excursion

Ultimately, we design our products with you in mind. We love our process of creation. Our biggest hope is that you feel the same joy when you take the travel case on your next big adventure.

Meet the Author

madison author bio

Along with writing blogs for Sunski, Madison creates nature books for kids. She grew up with BLM land in her backyard, which fueled her affinity for adventure and epic stories. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, camping, and reading under the sun.