Behind the Design: Basking in the Baia
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Behind the Design: Basking in the Baia

Ah, the Baia. Our timeless, premium bestseller. This rounded metal frame became an instant classic in the Sunski community, for good reason. With perfectly proportioned lenses and a Lennon-inspired aesthetic, the Baia elevates every outdoor look to the next level. Whether you’re chilling by the pool or hitting the beach for a little volleyball, the Baia is a subtle showstopper: keeping your eyes thoroughly protected without sacrificing an ounce of style.

After recently adding another couple of colorways to the Baia lineup, we’re feeling extra stoke for this style. So let’s take a look behind the design of the Baia, and learn what sparked this classic creation.

Basking in the Baia from Sunski on Vimeo.


High-End, Comfortable Design

The design inspiration for the Baia came from 60s fashion, and the iconic looks of the era. “The biggest cliche in design is the word timeless, but this type of frame has already proven that, and we wanted to create our own take on it,” says Sunski’s Head of Design, Sindre Klepp.

A woman holding sunglasses in a swimsuit at the beach

For our fresh take on this timeless classic, the Baia was created with first-rate materials. Our premium collection is comfortable and high quality. According to Sindre, the CR-39 lenses have incredible optical clarity that give an unparalleled visual experience. If you’re perching on a mountaintop or reeling in a golden hour sunset, you’re guaranteed a superb visual experience in the Baia. Plus, the CR-39 lenses are extra durable for adventures.

Guy out at the beach adjusting his collar

“The Baia doesn’t necessarily ‘need’ to perform like sport sunglasses, but you can easily run a marathon in these sunglasses, as they won't bounce or slip down at all. That is sort of a fun fact, even though they don't look like performance sunglasses.”
-Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

“The overall design language I wanted to portray with the Baia was gentle and softness in curves and surfaces,” Sindre adds. Despite the high-grade materials used to create the Baia, it has a notably comfortable fit. An effortless, stylish look that feels so natural to wear.

Unlike many metal framed shades, the Baia doesn’t have a wire nose piece. It maintains its smooth curves for a no-slide, no-pinch fit. And if the wind is whipping around you at the beach, your hair isn’t going to get snarled in the nose piece. You can focus on basking in the sun and taking in the day!

Woman basking on a beach towel on a sunny day

However you're living life outside, the Baia gives elevated, effortless style

Distinct, Divine Color

When it comes to deciding on the colors for the Baia, Sindre wanted something truly elevated, with colors that complement each other well. We already had the Black Forest, Champagne Amber, and Copper Forest, but we recently deepened the bench.

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Pick up the retro-inspired Baia for your next voyage

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“The new Wire Tortoise Bronze we just launched is just so damn cool,” Sindre says. The hand-painted pattern is a unique twist you won’t find anywhere else, making this colorway one-of-a-kind. The bronze lens will brighten up any view, giving the stunning scenes of your adventures a rich pop.

Close up of woman's face in sun hat and sunglasses on the beach

Studio shot of the Sunski Wire Tortoise Bronze Baia

“The Bronze lens with the Wire Tort frame has so much depth and richness, exuding the best nature-inspired design that Sunski offers.”
-Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

Bask More, Stress Less

We love the Sunski community. As a crew of sun worshippers, beach goers, and tree huggers, we all understand life lived outside is never wasted. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the views on a sunny day, basking in the rays!

And when you’re out hitting the trails, you definitely need a pair of sunglasses that are secure and durable. So sturdy you don’t fret about damage, and so comfy you forget they’re on your face. To support your time outside, all our sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty. You can bask totally stress free, knowing we’ll take care of your sunnies.

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