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Sun Worshipper's Quiz: What's Your Fun Type?
Live Life Outside

Sun Worshipper's Quiz: What's Your Fun Type?

Maybe you’ve heard of fun-types, maybe not. Basically, your fun-type is like your adventure style. Do you prefer days of perfect conditions? Or do you tend to end up in some sketchy situations? Whatever your mojo, it likely falls into a fun-type category.

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On that note, we created a quiz to help you determine your fun type. You’ll answer the questions based on which answer sounds the most like you or resonates with your mindset, or which scenario piques your interest the most.

One person’s paradise is another person’s misery, and we get that! Some people crave adrenaline, some people want to kick back and relax. At Sunski, we respect the right to live life outside, and appreciate that we all do it our own way. What matters most is that we’re getting out there and basking in the sunshine! So let’s get to it.

Skiing down the slopes on a sunny day

How It Works

Below you’ll find 5 questions that relate to different adventure scenarios. Pick the answer that appeals to you the most, and keep track of whether you pick A, B, or C. At the end, you’ll add up your answers and can read up on your fun type!

The Fun-Type Quiz

Question 1: What does your average beach day end up looking like?

A - There is always warm sun when I hit the beach, and I’m happy with my favorite sunnies, a towel, and a new book. Basking in the rays with the sound of the waves is all I need!

B - The weather doesn’t really deter me, but I’ve had a few gnarly burns from the sun and wind. Trust me, next time, I won’t forget that extra water bottle! Epic days, though.

C - If I made the plan to surf, I’m totally committed to it. I’d rather hit the waves than not, even if there’s a high surf advisory and the wind is ripping. I’ve been caught in a few hairy currents, not gonna lie.

A couple lounging on the beach reading a book together

Question 2: If you find yourself up at the mountain for the weekend, what’s the most likely outcome?

A - My friends will be hitting the slopes, but I prefer chilling at the lodge with my hot latte or a beer. I’m content just taking in the gorgeous views on my mountain getaway!

B - Will I be the first and last one on the lifts? Yes. Will I inevitably lose a glove on one of the runs and take a few rib-crushing falls? Also yes. Will I also forget to drink water? Regrettably, yes. But will it be a killer weekend? No doubt.

C - It’s not out of the question for me to get trapped under a little snow, or lose my way when shooting down the bowl. My friends have definitely called me in a panic after I’ve been MIA for a few hours. Kinda freaky.

High-five in the snow while on the slopes

Question 3: Which Saturday adventure sounds like it’s mostly likely to happen to you?

A - If the weather’s nice, I take my dog to our favorite park or hit up my friends for a bike cruise to the breweries.

B - During a long hike or bike ride, I hit some rain. I’m soaked and chilly and can’t see the views quite as well, but it'll be a memorable experience!

C - After renting a sea kayak, my goal is to paddle between a few islands and camp out. But a storm brews and white caps start to break over me. Lowkey, it feels like I could drown, and I end up turning back. Something outlandish I probably won’t ever do again. You know, the usual.

Skateboarding down a palm tree-lined street with surfboards in the truck

Question 4: What are you most likely to forget on your next adventure?

A - Something to make me a little extra comfortable, like extra snacks or another sweater. I also tend to forget my binoculars, which is a bummer but not the end of the world.

B - Hell if I know! I keep detailed lists of all the things I’ve forgotten over the years, to make sure it won’t happen again, but there’s always something else to forget. Whatever it is, I’ll remember it next time.

C - Eh, to check the weather or the conditions. I have bushwhacked, froze, and overheated too many times to count now.

Waving to the camera as the lone person on a surfboard in the ocena

The Results 

MOSTLY A: Type-1 Fun Enthusiast

Ayo! Our max relax sun baskers. If you answered mostly A, your style of weekend fun is extremely laid back. The conditions for your activities are always spot on, and that’s how you like it. Sunny days at the beach, fresh powder on the mountain, cold beers by the campfire, all that jazz. The gratification is instant, and you feel immediately restored.

Mostly B: Type-2 Fun Seeker

The growth-minded adventurers! If you answered mostly B, the way you like to have fun is a little complex. You tend to seek out activities that really challenge you, and may kind of suck while you’re doing them, but in retrospect, you actually had a great time. Like that 16-mile day hike that turns your muscles to noodles, but by the next day, you’re super stoked you did it. If it doesn’t hurt a little and push your boundaries, you don’t feel like you’re living. You tend to be very prepared, and are probably considered a skilled outdoors person by your crew.

Mostly C: Type-3 Fun Chaser

Major thriller vibes from this crew! If you answered mostly C, then your fun-type tends to push the boundaries. It’s not really what the average person considers fun, and you probably don’t enjoy it either in the moment, but for better or worse you keep finding yourself in absolutely insane situations. Odds are you have a sense of humor that never fails to bust up your friends and your adventures make for the most entertaining stories.

Meet the Author

madison author bio

Along with writing blogs for Sunski, Madison creates nature books for kids. She grew up with BLM land in her backyard, which fueled her affinity for adventure and epic stories. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, camping, and reading under the sun.