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New Year Refresh: Sun-Loving Morning Routines
Live Life Outside

New Year Refresh: Sun-Loving Morning Routines

With the start of the new year, we’re craving extra sunshine in our days, starting from the time we wake up.

You don’t have to wait until after work to stop and smell the sunshine. Before you hit the desk, dedicate a little sliver of time to yourself in the form of a morning routine.

morning sunrise

Carving out your own restorative morning routine does not have to be a 4 a.m. wake up call. You can be intentional about your mornings without sacrificing hours of sleep!

Read on for our low-maintenance morning routines ideas: focused on movement and sun, inspired by our resolution to bask more and stress less.

Bask in the Morning Sun

If the sun is out, why not step outside for some morning solar therapy?

Earlier in the day, the sun’s light is at its most gentle, so you can bask without worrying too much about sun damage. You can soak up Vitamin D and all its benefits. Sun first thing? The ultimate kickstarter.

girl basking

Some people, like neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, swear by morning light for physical and mental health. Welcoming the morning light can help regulate your sleeping and circadian clock, leaving you well rested for the adventures ahead.

Good news: this activity does not need to be limited to sunny day. While we’re all about chasing down the sun, you can bask under the clouds and still reap the rewards. In short, getting outside in the morning can only do you good!

Morning Stroll

Recharge yourself with a walk. Not only is this a foolproof way to enjoy your life in the fresh air, but it can help alleviate any tightness in the body before you hit the desk.

girls on a walk

Aside from the feel-good vibes that come from outdoor activity, morning walks are also proven to clear your mind, boost your energy and mood, and even lengthen your life! Yep, morning treks (even 20-30 minutes a day) can actually give you more days under the sun.

Consistency is key. Maybe you start small with a walk or two per week, working your way up to three, four, and finally five days per week. Consider this your license to spend as much time adventuring as possible before work!

Gentle Movement

If a morning walk is more than you have time for in the morning, you can still benefit from other forms of movement.

man meditating over the ocean

Yoga, or even simple stretching, can do wonders for energizing your day. Ten minutes, and you can break the stiffness from your bones and ready yourself for the day. Studies show that yoga and stretching can improve your posture and mobility, making the days in the desk chair a little less uncomfortable.

girl stretching

Plus, yoga offers the added bonus of peace, mindfulness, and grounding, which can start your day on a calming, appreciative note.

Journal your Gratitude

Take a load off your shoulders with a journal session, maybe as you sip your morning coffee.

Writing does not need to be time-intensive to be cathartic. Jot down your weekend plans, or what you did yesterday. Scribble your favorite song lyrics and why you love them as you soak up on the sun on your patio.

Sunglasses splayed out on a towel next to a book 

If one of your goals this year is to reduce overall anxiety, you can simply write a list of things you’re grateful for—studies show that gratitude can work wonders against cyclic negative thinking. Give your brain a clean slate for the day with a quick ten-minute journal, so by the time the clock strikes five, you can shed the stress and lap up rest of the sunny day.

Routine to Last

The best thing you can do for yourself is create a sustainable morning routine, one that is perfectly manageable for everyday use.

For instance, if it’s not in your DNA to wake up at sunrise, don’t put that in your routine! Waking up on the first alarm is a worthy goal, one you can hopefully work to maintain.

people looking over the ocean

By crafting your personal morning routine, you set yourself up for success. Ultimately, by starting your day intentionally, you’re carving out space to restore your well-being before a hectic workday.

For us, life is all about maximizing life outside, and morning routines Tending to your mental and physical health early in the day can leave you feeling all the more energized for your post-work, nature-fueled adventures.

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