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The Salsaboys

The Salsaboys

Before Sunski, there was the Salsabol.

A little bit cult classic, a lot wacky… the Salsabol is the bowl with a lip so you don’t spill your dip. The heritage edition Salsabol is available on for a limited time only. Why? Get the full scoop below:

The Salsabol was the first business Sunski co-founders Tom and Michael launched in order to avoid getting a real job after college, back before they started Sunski.

Is your salsa safe?

salsaboys is your salsa safe?

Sunski co-founder Tom Stewart rocking the original pair of Sunski sunglasses. The original is a classic pair of retro sunglasses based on this vintage Australian design

Check out the photo of Tom and Michael above, slinging Salsabols at an outdoor market back in 2009. Note the fake tequila backdrop, salsa testing station, deep v-neck tees and Tom rocking an original pair of vintage Sunskis, which he picked up on a surf trip in Australia. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

Just like Sunski, the Salsabol supported the environment since day one as a 1% for the Planet business. In a wacky celebration of Earth Day and for one lucky Cinco de Mayo in 2018, we released a limited edition run of Salsabols.

Keep the dip on your chip

All great business ideas start by identifying a problem. In Tom and Michael’s totally unbiased opinion, the Salsabol was the perfect solution to one very important challenge facing salsa scoopers everywhere: keeping the dip on your chip.

Picture this: You’re at a party and you want some dip, but you go in for the scoop and a huge chunk of salsa flops onto the table. After a few tries, you’ve got your whole hand in the dip bowl scooping with your fingers. People are starting to notice, not to mention your favorite shirt looks like it got into a food fight in the produce aisle. So what do you do now? Do you run home and change? Do you act like you meant to do it? No! You get the Salsabol!

salsa bol

Here's how it works:

The Salsabol has a revolutionary lip that curves up and back over the bowl. When you scoop your chip up the high side of the bowl, the lip pushes the salsa or dip back onto your chip. No more spilled salsa: it’s that easy!

how to scoop

And now, a word from our sponsors. Watch here as Sunski Explorer Coconut Willie shows us how to execute the perfect scoop at the Salsabol Surf Competition.