Lago Lens Kit Product photography 1
Lago Lens Kit Product photography 2
Lago Lens Kit
Tortoise Rose Lo Light
Seaweed Forest Fade Lens kit product photography Tortoise Rose Lo Light Lens kit product photography
Lens kit packaging photography
These Lenses Fit
  • The Lago
  • And nothing else!
  • Seriously, nothing else
Inside the Kit
  • One pair of lenses
  • Handy instructions
  • That's it!

Our instructional video is all the more helpful with an Austrailian accent

Our Lens Kit Program is Radical

With our Lens Kit program, you can keep your shades looking fresh longer. On top of that, you can feel good about creating less waste in the world by saving your perfectly good frames and an extra trip by the postal truck.

More questions about the Lens Kits?

Our FAQs have all the information you need; whether you need help finding the lens kit that will fit your frames or have questions about stock, it’s all there.